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Universal pattern welder USHS-3 (USHS3, USHS 3)
Universal pattern welder USHS-3 designed to control elementov cutting a weld, electrodes and the elements of the weld.Template shall be used in businesses and organizations yaschih wire welding.
Product Specifications generics welder USHS-3:
1 - base products wildcard welder USHS-3, 2 - Engine 3 - pointer, 4 - axis, A, B, C - Adjusting the plane A - End bound, M - lineyki longitudinal edge with a scale for measuring the quantities E and blunting joint width, D - a scale for measuring the height of the weld reinforcement, to - the index of risk for the removal of a report on the scale of D, E - a scale for measuring the angles of the bevel edge, F - slots to measure the diameters of the electrodes, wires, and - a scale for measuring the gap ;
Measuring range of depth of defects (dents, faces), the depth of the seam cutting to the root layer, the excess edges (scale D) - 0mm-15mm;
Range of measuring the height of the weld reinforcement (scale D) product wildcard welder USHS-3 - 0 mm-5 mm;
The range of measurement values ​​and the blunting of the joint width (scale E) - 0mm-50mm;
The range of the measurement of the gap (Scale I) - 0.5 mm, 4 mm;
Measuring range of angles the bevel edge (scale D) product wildcard welder USHS-3 - 0 º -45 º;
Nominal values ​​of the diameters of the electrodes measured pattern (grooves G) - 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.25 mm, 4mm, 5mm;
Prices fission product scales wildcard welder USHS-3:
- D and E - 1 mm;
- I - 0.5 mm;
- D - 0,5 º;
The limits of permissible deviations of the width of the groove G:
- Upper value: for slots up to 3mm - 0.1 mm, 3 mm grooves and 3.25 mm - 0.12 mm, 3.25 mm slots over - 0.3 mm;
- The lower value - 0mm;
Rejection of the provisions of the strokes of the scale T products wildcard welder USHS-3 from the actual values ​​- ± 0,5 mm;
Deviations of the provisions of the strokes and the scale of the actual thicknesses engine - ± 0,25 mm;
Deviations of the provisions of articles L scale bars wildcard welder USHS-3 from the actual values ​​of the angle between the surfaces B and C - ± 2,5 º;
Deviations from the nominal value of the distance between any stroke and the beginning of the scale E products wildcard welder USHS-3 (top of the scale must coincide with the plane A) - ± 0,25 mm;
Overall dimensions - no more 130h50h16mm;
Product Weight wildcard welder USHS-3 - no more than 0.18 kg;
Mean time between failures - at least 55,000 cycles;
Average life - at least 1 year;
With this product wildcard welder USHS-3:
- Master Welder USHS-3 - 1 item;
- Passport - 1 piece;
- Case - 1 piece;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality universal template welder USHS-3 requirements of technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos USHS-3

UShS-3 generics image.
UShS-3 generics image.
UShS-3 front view.
UShS-3 front view.