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Universal pattern welder USHS-2 (USHS2, USHS 2)
Universal pattern welder USHS-2 is designed to control two sides of fillet welds in the range of 4mm-14mm.
Monitoring is carried out step-up method to determine the minimum gap.
Product Specifications generics welder USHS-2:
The range of controlled legs butt weld - 4mm-14mm;
Type of control - step;
Number of stages Product wildcard welder USHS-2 - 6;
Accuracy of manufacturing - ± 0,3 mm;
Mean time between failure of the product wildcard welder USHS-2 - not less than 1000 conventional measurement cycles;
Technical design (pattern) consists of 3 petals and a connecting ring;
Each of the petals of the product wildcard welder USHS-2 has just done some leg recess.For ease of control next to each recess is stamped size of the corresponding radius of the leg joint. The control leg of the weld made by successive contact (selection) lobes connected by welding to the details;
The size is established, if the longest side lobe and bridge between adjacent legs of the petal to detail without visible gap, and the gap between the arcs and weld lobe is minimal;
If you do not match with any step size in this range the value is determined empirically leg;
With this product wildcard welder USHS-2:
- Technical design (template) consisting of 3 separate petals with legs 4.14 mm 8.10 mm 6.12 mm;
- The coupling ring;
- Passport (one of 10 patterns);
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality universal template welder USHS-2 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: USHS-2

USHS-2 template image.
USHS-2 template image.
USHS-2 template image.
USHS-2 template image.
USHS-2 overhead view.
USHS-2 overhead view.
USHS-2 bottom view.
USHS-2 bottom view.