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    Motor UAD-54 (UAD 54; UAD54)

    Engine UAD-54 - universal asynchronous single-phase and three-phase machine incorporating squirrel cage.
    Rated power:
    - Single phase - 8W;
    - Three-phase mode - 9W.
    - Single phase - 1340ob/min;
    - Three-phase mode -1340ob/min.
    Current consumption:
    - Single phase - 0.19 A;
    - Three-phase mode - 0.18 A.
    - Single phase - 25%;
    - Three-phase mode - 25%.
     Power - 220W, 50Hz.
    Engines UAD-54 is commonly used as an actuator in a variety of drives, computing devices and tracking systems.
    Engines UAD-54 by the method of universal inclusion in the network, and are available with one or two output ends of the shaft, and a flange mounted to the body. Overall dimensions of the engine are shown in Figure 1.2.
УАД-54 электродвигатель чертеж с двумя выходными концами вала и креплением хомутом УАД-54 электродвигатель чертеж с двумя выходными концами вала и крепительным фланцем на корпусе
Figure 1. UAD-54 layout with two output shaft ends and mounting clamp. Figure 2. UAD-54 layout with two output ends of the shaft and the mounting flange on the body.
Specifications UAD-54

    Mode of the device UAD-54 - continuous (S1). Minimum time is 3000 hours.
    Engine UAD-54 is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - The operating position of the shaft - unspecified;
    - Ambient temperature - from -60 ° C to +80 ° C;
    - Relative humidity at 35 ° C - no more than 98%.

    UAD-54 can withstand the following loads:
    - Vibratory load - frequency of 5Hz to 300Hz, acceleration of 50 m / s 2;
    - Impacts of 2m / s 2 to 400 m / s 2.