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Selective amplifier U2-8 (U28, U-2-8, U 2 8, U-28, U 28)
Selective amplifier U2-8 is designed to enhance and highlight low-voltage sinusoidal waveform and convert RMS sine wave voltage to DC voltage.
The amplifier provides a gain and a selection of small sinusoidal voltage in wideband mode, selection, amplification and measurement of small sinusoidal voltages in the presence of noise and interfering signals, measurement of harmonic components of periodic signals a qualitative assessment of the spectral density of noise signals.
High sensitivity is it can be used as an indicator of balance and equilibrium of a bridge circuit.
Technical characteristics of the instrument amplifiers selective U2-8:
Gain and changes in wideband mode 20dB-100dB, the selective regime - 0dB-10dB 120dB discretely through;
Simultaneous conversion factor in wideband mode 0 dB-110dB, the selective regime - 0dB-10dB 120dB discretely through;
Reduced basic error at frequency 1 kHz calibration instrument amplifier selective U2-8:
- In the broadband and selective amplification mode and linear transformation ± 6%;
- In a wide-synchronous conversion - ± 10%;
- The selective synchronous conversion - ± 15%;
Reduced basic error in the frequency range of the instrument amplifier selective U2-8:
- In broadband amplification mode - ± 6%;
- In wideband mode linear transformation - ± 10%;
- In a wide-synchronous conversion and selective amplification mode and linear transformations - ± 15%;
- The selective synchronous conversion - ± 25%;
Normalizing the output voltage at the load of at least 1 kW amplifier device selective U2-8 - 1B;
Noise level:
- A selective mode - 0.5 mV;
- In wideband mode - 5mkV;
Harmonic distortion output amplifier device selective U2-8 when applied to the input sine wave - 1%;
Active input impedance - 1 MW ± 20%;
Input capacitance of the amplifier unit U2-8 selective - 50pF;
Output impedance:
- AC-coupled 10 Ohm - and linear transformation;
- DC 30 Ohm - and linear transformation;
- 100 W - synchronous transformation;
Dimensions instrument amplifier selective U2-8 - 498h175h357mm;
Weight - 15 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument amplifier U2-8 selective technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos: U2-8

U2-8 amplifier image.
U2-8 amplifier image.
U2-8 front view.
U2-8 front view.
U2-8 side view.
U2-8 side view.
U2-8 rear view.
U2-8 rear view.
U2-8 overhead view.
U2-8 overhead view.
U2-8 bottom view.
U2-8 bottom view.