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TP50-100-1 Tacho TP50-100-1.


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Tacho TP50-100-1 (TP501001, TP 50 100 1, TP-50-100-1, TP50-1001, TP50 1001, TP50100-1, TP50100 1)
Tachogenerators TP50-100-1 DC is functionally designed to convert the rotational speed of the shaft at a frequency proportional to the DC output voltage.
Tachometer output voltage is used for remote indication or measurement of the speed and actuators to generate control signals in automatic control systems.
Tachogenerators DC are with excitation from permanent magnets and electromagnetic excitation.
Tacho TP50-100-1 collector DC-teeth rotor.
Mount tachometer - for housing and flange.
Mode of operation - continuous.
Technical characteristics of the devices tachogenerators TP50-100-1:
Rated speed - 1500 rpm;
The steepness of the output characteristic - 100mV/ob/min;
The asymmetry of the output voltage of the instrument tacho TP50-100-1 - 100%;
Ripple - 2.5%;
Load Impedance - 10 ohms;
Temperature coefficient of output voltage of the instrument tacho TP50-100-1 - 0,1% / º C;
Moment of inertia - 360 ∙ ∙ 10 -7 N m;
Static friction torque - 270 N ∙ ∙ 10 -4 m;
Electromechanical time constant - 25ms;
Vibration loads:
- Frequency range - 1Hz-600Hz;
- Acceleration - 100m / s 2;
Shock - 400m / s 2;
Ambient temperature - -60 ° C to +85 º C;
Relative humidity at 40 ° C - 98%;
Warranty life instrument tacho TP50-100-1 - 1000 0 hours;
Dimensions instrument:
- Case diameter - 50mm;
- The length of the output shaft ends - 119mm;
Unit weight tacho TP50-100-1 - 0.9 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument TP50-100-1 tacho technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.