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TKM-459 Dynamic hardness of TCM-459.


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Dynamic hardness of TKM-459 (TKM459, TKM 459)
Dynamic hardness of TKM-459 is designed for the rapid measurement of the hardness of metals, including poverhnostnouprochnennyh layers (carburizing, nitriding, hardening HDTV, etc.), plating (chrome), evaluation of mechanical strength.
Hardness was metrological certification.
Listed in the State Register of Measurement of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamic hardness of TKM-459:
Range of hardness measurements - 20HRC-70HRC, 100HB-450HB, 240HV-940HV;
The maximum permissible errors of test loads - ± 1,5%, ± 4,0%, ± 3,0%;
The number of possible values ​​of the device dynamic hardness of TKM-459 to calculate the average, 1-9;
Memory capacity - 6000 measurements;
Output device dynamic hardness of TKM-459 - PC RS-232;
Food - independent from the battery;
Operating temperature of the device dynamic hardness of TKM-459 - from -10 º C to +40 º C;
Size - no more 150h80h30mm;
Weight - 0.4 kg;
Instrument software dynamic hardness of TKM-459 for PC - complete;
Display backlight - complete;
Diameter area on the surface of the object to the sensor of 1 mm in the plane of 5mm blind hole;
The number of additional individual calibrations for each scale of "learning mode" - 5 for each of the instrument scale dynamic hardness of TKM-459;
The number of scales to determine the user - 3;
The automatic shutdown device to set up;
Instrument dynamic hardness of TKM-459 implements the basic measurement, standardized scale of hardness - HB, HRC, HV, as well as scales HRA, HRB, HSh and tensile strength;
In durometers implemented an interactive and user-friendly interface is implemented as a "plug and measure";
Programming functions are implemented by the user, their own scales to address the problems of non-standard control;
Instrument dynamic hardness of TKM-459 is designed for use in the field, shop and laboratory;
The principle of the device incorporated a dynamic method of measurement of hardness;
Typical applications include instrument dynamic hardness of TKM-459:
- Quality control of products in metallurgy and mechanical engineering;
- Quality control of boilers, pipes and other objects of power production;
- Evaluation of the mechanical strength of structures;
- Control of parts of complex configuration;
- Measurements in hard to reach areas;
- Monitoring changes in the nature of the surface hardness of the product;
- Assessment of pieces of equipment in service and repair work;
- Identification of materials in the blank production.
Distinctive features of the device dynamic hardness of TKM-459:
- The application of a striker sensor tip of a unique material significantly increases the reliability of control very determined and can increase the minimum period of the sensor up to 250,000 measurements;
- The special design of the sensor device dynamic hardness of TKM-459 provides a low sensitivity to the curvature of the product and the height of irregularities in a rough surface.
- The application of the sensor allows for interchangeable nozzles on curved surfaces: spherical concave spherical, cylindrical and cylindrical concave;
- Modern graphical backlit display significantly improves and simplifies the device;
- The possibility of rapid adjustment (correction) readings dynamic hardness of TKM-459 for one or two (if necessary) measures the hardness of a model;
- The ability to rapidly establish additional scales based on the main (mode "training") to control the hardness of high-alloy steels, special cast iron and nonferrous metals using no more than two test samples of the material;
- The ability to create their own user-scales;
- Identification of materials in the blank production;
Warranty period instruments dynamic hardness of TKM-459 - 3 years;
The basic package includes:
- Electronic control unit;
- Sensor (load of 5 kg.);
- A protective cover;
- Bag for storage and transportation of the unit;
- The battery;
- Charger;
- Gospoverka;
- software
- Cable for connection to a computer;
Instrument dynamic hardness of TKM-459 can be equipped with:
- Spare sensor;
- A special sensor to vary the load or dimensions (10N or 30N);
- Attachment to simplify measurements on cylindrical surfaces, tripod for positioning the sensor;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device dynamic hardness of TKM-459 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.