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TES 88

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Power supply stabilized laboratory TES 88 (TES88, TES-88, tec 88, tec88,tec-88)
Power supply TES 88 stabilized laboratory intended for use as a DC power supply voltage or current, is very stable output values ​​when the supply voltage and output load, and is used to study various integrated and transistor circuits.The device is used in research institutes, the bases for technical development, in factories, physical and chemical laboratories, repair shops, etc.
Specifications power supply devices TES 88 stabilized laboratory:
Output voltage - 0.5V to 30V;
Output current - from 0.0015 A to 2A;
Changing the output voltage when the supply voltage from 187V to 242V - ± 0,01% +1 mV;
Output impedance mode DC power supply unit TES 88 - 0.01 ohms;
Output voltage ripple in DC mode - 1mVeff;
Output impedance - 10 kHz, 0.05 ohm;
Recovery time under pulsed load power supply unit TES 88 stabilized laboratory - 0.3 ms;
Output current ripple in DC mode - ≤ 1mVeff;
Voltage - 220V, 50Hz;
Overall dimensions of the device power supply TES 88 - 360h360h120mm;
Weight - 10kg.