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Loader STS (Loader CTC) + 5700 RUB as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, radiation ...)

38 000 RUB

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Giving 15% of the cost of devices
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    You get a 15% discount on the cost of devices. For example, buying a unit for 30 000 RUB, You are guaranteed to get a gift for equipment maintenance in the amount of 4 500 RUB.
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    Loader trailer hitch STS3.
    Also, this device can be called: STS3 11 00 10 600, STSZ.11.OO.1O.6OO

    Loader GARO - used to simulate and measure the strength of the impact on the stock inertial mechanism trailer cars.
    - When DB stand for activation Brakeforce trailer brake system equipped with inertial brake by pushing the trailer hitch with a certain force;
    - Diagnostics inertia braking system of trailers with cars passing inspection at service stations in the composition stands brake power.

    Specifications loader STS:
    Push-range effort hitch loader GARO 50 N to 3700 N.
    Limits of relative error - ±5%.
    Dimensions - no more than 495 (604)х200х221 mm.
    Weight loader STS3 - 11 kg.

    Operating conditions:

    Ambient temperature is from -10° C to +35° C.
    Boundary maintenance corrosion-active agents of loader STS:
    - Sulfur dioxide - no more than 250 mg/m3;
    - Chlorides - no more than 0,3 mg/m3.
    Humidity at a temperature of 25° C - 80%.
    Atmospheric pressure - from 86 kPa to 106 kPa (650 mmHg - 800 mmHg).

    Average life  loader STS3 - at least 8 years.



    The manufacturer provides a guarantee the compliance of loader trailer hitch STS3. all technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.



Photos: STS3. (CTC3.

Loader trailer hitch STS3. Appearance.
Loader trailer hitch STS3. Appearance.