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Stand LUCH-803 Stand for the technical inspection of motor vehicle headlamps RAY-803.

Stand LUCH-803

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Stand for technical inspection of motor vehicle headlamps LUCH-803 (LUCH803, RAY 803)
Type of equipment: equipment for inspection, service station equipment, inspection, inspection, 2009, equipment for service, equipment service center.
Stand for technical inspection of motor vehicle headlamps BEAM-803 is designed to control the technical condition of motor vehicle headlamps are available, type C (HC), CR (HCR) and R (HR) in accordance with DSTU 3649-97.
The criterion for control of technical condition of headlights is the orientation of the radiation flux and luminous intensity.
Stand BEAM-803 can be applied to automobile manufacturers, service stations, in diagnostic laboratories for certification, repair or technical inspection of road transport.
With the release of the production booth BEAM-803 is individually metrological certification.
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