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Made in: 2018.


    Fork cable SR-50-58PV (SR50-58PV, CP-50 58PV; sr-50-58pv; sr50-58pv; sr 50-58pv).

    Fork SR 58PV 50 provides for connection of the two connectors have the same or different connection dimensions when their direct mechanical connection is not feasible or undesirable direct electrical connection.
    Connector Type - Male.
    Sequence number of development - 58.
    Insulator material - polyethylene.
    Connection Type - bayonet.
    Characteristic impedance - 50Om.
    Operating voltage - 500V.
    Frequency range - from 0 to 10 GHz.
    The type designation SR-50-58PV:

    - CP - RF connector;
    - 50 - the value of the characteristic impedance (ohms);
    - 58 - number of development;
    - P - insulating material (polyethylene);
    - In the - all-climate performance by GOST In 20.39.404-81.
    SR-50-58PV - leaky direct connection with polyethylene insulation. Product is a combination of two coaxial connectors, connected by short rigid coaxial line segment.
    Connector Dimensions - 22 × 46,5 mm.

SR-50-58PV cable plug drawing

    Figure 1. Drawing plugs SR-50-58PV.
    Specifications SR-50-58PV:

    - Contact materials - brass, plated with silver.
    - Maximum operating frequency - 10000MGts.
    - Operating voltage under normal conditions 500V (peak);
    - Impedance - 50Om;
    - Contact resistance - 0.01 ohms.

    Plugs SR 58PV 50 have the following values ​​of insulation resistance between the connector elements:
    - Under normal circumstances - 1000MOm;
    - At a temperature of 85 º C to 200 º C - 500MOm;
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 100MOm.

    The test voltage for plugs SR-50-58PV:
    - Normal 750V (Vp);
    - At atmospheric pressure - 250V (Vp);
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 500 V (Vp).
    Voltage standing wave ratio of the compounds plugs SR-50-58PV with other terminals on the 3000MHz frequency range from 1.25 to 1.6 VSWR VSWR, depending on the combinations of joints.

    For connector SR-50-58PV nominal operating voltage has the following values:
    - Normal - 250-350B (Vp) depending on the embodiment of the compound;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 50V (Vp);
    - Humidity of 98% (at a temperature of 40 º C) - 250V - 350V (Vp) depending on the connection options.
    MTTF connector SR-50-58PV under different conditions of temperature filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Degrees, ° C
Hours of use
95 ° C
85 ° C
74 ° C
68 ° C
60 ° C
54 ° C
8000 h
50 ° C
40 ° C
32 ° C
25 ° C
18 ° C
14 ° C
     Cycle of mechanical operation, which on average can withstand fork - 500. To break up the contacts you need to make an effort of 0.5 kgf-2kgs. Reliability forks: the minimum probability of failure of connector P 2 = 0.99 for 1000 hours at the reliability of R 36 = 0.9.
    Lifetime SR 58PV 50 - 5000 hours.

    Operating conditions connector SR-50-58PV:
    Operating temperature range - from -60 ° C to +85 ° C. Relative humidity - 98% at 40 ° C. Low atmospheric pressure - up to 5 mm Hg.
    Vibration strength and stability of devices ranges in the frequency range 5 Hz - 5000Hz with an acceleration of 30g.
    CP-50-58PV able to withstand:
    - Single mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 500g;
    - Multiple mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 150g;
    - Linear loads up to 500g.
    Connector griboustoychivy, resistant to sea fog, solar radiation.

    Storage conditions of SR-50-58PV
    Minimal storage time slots - 20 years. Can be stored in warehouse conditions in their original packaging at room temperature 5 º C-35 º C at a relative humidity of 85% - up to 11 years.
    During this period be stored SR 50 58PV in the apparatus and the ISP in the field at an ambient temperature of -50 º C and +50 º C, a relative humidity of 98%, while protecting them from direct exposure to the sun radiation and rainfall for 3 or, under the same conditions as when finding them in a sealed moisture-proof equipment or for 5 years.

Photos: SR-50-58PV

SR-50-58PV plug image.
SR-50-58PV plug image.
SR-50-58PV plug image.
SR-50-58PV plug image.
SR-50-58PV front view.
SR-50-58PV front view.
SR-50-58PV side view.
SR-50-58PV side view.
SR-50-58PV rear view.
SR-50-58PV rear view.
SR-50-58PV side view.
SR-50-58PV side view.
SR-50-58PV side view (place turnkey).
SR-50-58PV side view (place turnkey).