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SOPpr-7a-3-000 SOPpr-7a-3-000  photo of the device.


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    Stopwatch SOPpr-7a-3-000 (SOPpr 7a 3000; SOPpr7a3000; SOPpr 7a-3-000)
    Stopwatch SOPpr-7a-3-000 - built single-needle medical device with a simple action interrupts the clock mechanism is designed to measure time intervals and frequency of breathing and heart rate.
    The range of measurement of pulse rate - 35min -1 - 200 min -1.
    Measuring range respiratory rate - 7 min -1 - 80 min -1.
    Timing range - 1c - 60c.
    Dimensions, not more than - 86 × 78 × 22 mm.
    Unit weight - 0.2 kg.
    Stopwatches SOPpr-7a-3-000 are designed for installation in vehicles of inhalation anesthesia, artificial respiration and other medical devices, can also be used as a standalone equipment for medical use.
    Technical characteristics SOPpr-7a-3-000

    Stopwatch SOPpr-7a-3-000 in the measurement of the time interval 60 seconds permissible error ± 0,4 seconds.
    For stopwatch SOPpr-7a-3-000 number of pulse beats to perform one measurement of pulse rate is 30 beats, and the number of breaths - 6.
    Stopwatches SOPpr-7a-3-000 operated at an ambient temperature of +10 ° C to +35 ° C.