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Modulation meter SK3-46 (SK346, SK-3-46, SK 346, ck3-46, SK-346, SK 346, SKZ46, SKZ-46, SKZ 46, ck346, ck-3-46, ck3 46, ck-346, ck 346)

Modulation meter SK3-46 is designed to measure the modulation parameters of communications equipment. Measures the peak frequency deviation and the coefficient of amplitude modulation. Low level of harmonics introduced into the measured signal and the presence of low-frequency output can measure the distortion of the law modulation AM and FM signals.
Operation SK3-46  based on the transfer of the measured signal spectrum to an intermediate frequency, followed by demodulation and measurement of the selected envelope modulated signal.
The measurement process is fully automated, the appliance SK3-46 is automatically calibrated, tuned to the frequency and the level of the input signal, selects the desired scale. It is possible to programmatically control the issuance of the measurement results to an external recorder via the CPC.
SK3-46 has a high speed (measurement time is not more than 3s) and easy to operate.
Technical characteristics of the devices modulation meter SK3-46:
The range of fixed frequencies:
- In the AM mode - 5MHz, 6MHz, 10MHz-500MHz;
- FM mode - 5MHz, 6MHz, 10MHz-1500MHz;
Modulating frequency range - 0.05 kHz to 30 kHz;
The sensitivity of SK3-46 - 30mV (10MHz-500MHz), 50mV (500MHz-1000MHz), 100mV (1000MHz-1500MHz);
Measurement range (0.3 kHz in the band 3, 4 kHz at F m = 1 kHz);
- AM factor - 1% -100%, the error of 2%;
- Frequency deviation - 1 kHz, 300 kHz, the error of 2%;
Harmonic Distortion:
- Using AM - 0.5% (M = 30%) 1 (M = 90%);
- FM mode - 0,3% (Δƒ = 300kHz);
Level and proper background noise:
- In the AM mode - 0,1% (ƒ = 500 MHz);
- FM mode - 110Hz (ƒ = 1000 MHz);
Dimensions K2-38 - 2260h93h375mm;
Weight - 3.3 kg.

Photos: SK3-46

SK3-46 modulation image.
SK3-46 modulation image.
SK3-46 front view.
SK3-46 front view.
SK3-46 side view.
SK3-46 side view.
SK3-46 rear view.
SK3-46 rear view.
SK3-46 side view.
SK3-46 side view.
SK3-46 overhead view.
SK3-46 overhead view.
SK3-46 bottom view.
SK3-46 bottom view.

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