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Measurer SK3-43 (SK343,SK3 43, ck3-43, ck343, ck3 43)
Carrier frequency range: 0,15-500 MHz (AM) 4-1000 MHz (FM).
Modulating frequency range: 0.03-60kHz.
Sensitivity: 50 mV (0.15-4 MHz and 250-500MHz), 30 mV (4-250MHz), 300mV (500-1000MHz).
Measuring range: Frequency deviation 1-500kHz, AM factor 1-100%.
Built-electron-counting frequency meter, mix on low bandwidth, input preselection.

Measurer SK3-43 modulation is designed for precision measurement of AM signals of different transmission equipment and test oscillators.
The presence of digital readout of the measured values, indicating a continuous adjustment to the frequency of the input signal and its level, frequency-locked loop oscillator and oscillator frequency setting the built-in frequency counter considerably reduces the measurement time.
Thanks to the automatic stabilization of a wide dynamic range, low distortion introduced by the transportation mechanism measurer SK3-43 in the measured signal with the demodulation is possible to accurately analyze the envelope of the signal from external devices - spectrum analyzers, ISI, oscilloscope connected to the woofer output.
The presence of the instrument measurer SK3-43 switchable low-frequency band tract allows you to analyze the signal at the optimal signal / noise ratio.
Preselection mode output provides a measurement input deadbeat coefficient AM in the presence of harmonics of the carrier frequency.
Basic data
Carrier frequency range: 0.15 MHz to 500 MHz (in the mode of AM), 4 MHz-1000 MHz (FM mode)
Modulating frequency range 0.03 kHz-60kHz. Sensitivity: 50 mV (0,15-4 MHz and 250-500 MHz), 30 mV (4-250 MHz), 300 mV (500-1000 MHz).
Measurement range:
1-500 kHz frequency deviation;
AM 1 ratio to 100%.
The basic error of measurement:
frequency deviation (0,05 δf + δf w) kHz;
coefficient AM (0,05 M + 0.5)%.
Odd harmonics introduced in the signal modulation unit: 0.2% (up to 30 kHz), 0.5% (up to 100 kHz) to 1% (up to 150 kHz), 2% (up to 500 kHz).
Odd harmonics introduced in the AM envelope signal, when measuring the coefficient AM: 0,5% (30%), 1% (90%).
- Built-electron-counting frequency;
- Small-modulation distortion of the law of the measured signal;
- Variable bandwidth on bass;
- Preselection input.
Dimensions 355X140X500 mm.

Weight of the device measurer SK3-43 - 9.5 kg.

Photos: SK3-43

SK3-43 device image.
SK3-43 device image.
SK3-43 device image.
SK3-43 device image.
SK3-43 front view.
SK3-43 front view.
SK3-43 side view with a handle.
SK3-43 side view with a handle.
SK3-43 rear view.
SK3-43 rear view.
SK3-43 side view.
SK3-43 side view.
SK3-43 overhead view.
SK3-43 overhead view.
SK3-43 bottom view.
SK3-43 bottom view.