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СИ-19Н Crown neutron counter SI-19H.


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Corona neutron counter SI-19N (SI19N, SR-19-H, SR 19 N, SR 19N)
Corona neutron counter SI-19N highly in geophysics, nuclear physics and control systems, control and protection of nuclear reactors.
Technical characteristics of the devices crown neutron counters SI-19N:
Rated operating voltage range - 2000V-2800V;
Voltage start counting device corona neutron counter SI-19N - 1600V-1750V;
Slowness of the counting plateau characteristics - not less than 800V;
The slope of the plateau counting device characteristics crown neutron counter SI-19N - no more than 0.03% / V -1;
Own background - no more than ∙ 0,1 s -1;
Background (mean) corona discharge current - not more than 15.0 mA;
Dimensions - 33.3 h33, 3h218mm;
Unit weight crown neutron counter SI-19N - 130g.