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    Measurer distance to a cable fault Shch4120 (Shch 4120, Shch-4120)
    Shch4120 meter - a device used to determine the distance to a cable fault in the range of 0.14 km to 40k m
    Measurement range - 0.14 km - 40km.
    Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.
    Power consumption - no more than 25 watts.

    Overall dimensions:
    - Instrument - 375 × 180 × 340 mm;
    - Connecting devices - 140 × 110 × 700 mm.
    - Meter - 8.5 kg;
    - Connecting devices - 3kg.

    Specifications Shch4120

    Shch4120 meter in measurement may allow the error, the value of the cat swarm does not exceed 30m. The total measurement error SCH4120 is given by:
    Δ = ± 30 m ± 0,025 L x,
    where - L x - measured by the distance to the breakdown (m).
    Also measurers Shch4120 influenced by temperature changes in the measurements may allow an accuracy of 15 meters for every 10 ° C.
    Voltage divider ratio of the connecting device of at least 55.

    Shch4120 meters are designed to operate under the following conditions:
    - The ambient air temperature - from -10 ° C to +40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity up to 90% at +25 ° C.

Photos: ShCh4120

Shch4120 device image.
Shch4120 device image.
Shch4120 front view.
Shch4120 front view.
Shch4120 side view.
Shch4120 side view.
Shch4120 rear view.
Shch4120 rear view.
Shch4120 overhead view.
Shch4120 overhead view.
Shch4120 bottom view.
Shch4120 bottom view.

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