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SDSpr-1-2 Slava

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Stopwatch SDSpr-1-2 Slava mechanical (SDSpr 1-2, SDSpr1-2, SDSpr-1 2, SDSpr-12, SDSpr 1 2, SDSpr 12, SDSpr1 2)
Designed to measure time intervals in minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds.
Accuracy class of devices Stopwatches SDSpr-1-2 Slava mechanical - 2.
Caliber 54mm mechanism.
Number of jewels 20.
The duration of the arrangement SDSpr-1-2 Slava of one complete plant spring least 8 hours.
Podzavodki periodicity in continuous operation once for 3 hours.
Duration of complete turn arrows:
- Second (main and auxiliary) 30s;
- Min 30 min.
Scale value unit Stopwatch SDSpr-1-2 Slava mechanical:
- 0.1 seconds;
- Min 0.5 min.
Number of stops:
- Second 300;
- Minute 60.
Vibrations 0.2.
Seconds movement arrows SDSpr-1-2 discrete intervals of 0.1 s.
The average error at (20 ± 5) ° C for 30 min 0.4 sec.
The tolerance of the average error at 20 ° C for 30 minutes 0.3 seconds. The maximum error for 30 seconds at 20 ° C 0.1.
Limit force actuation mechanism turnout applied to the buttons: the main direction (seconds and minutes) - Start and stop 18H, 15H return, auxiliary second hand - stop and combination 15H.
Operating temperature SDSpr-1-2: -40 ... + 40 ° C.
Overall dimensions:
- Case diameter 65 mm;
- The height of the housing with glass 23.4 mm.
Weight 0.23 kg.

Photos SDSpr-1-2 Slava

SDSpr-1-2 Slava device image.
SDSpr-1-2 Slava device image.
SDSpr-1-2 Slava front view.
SDSpr-1-2 Slava front view.
SDSpr-1-2 Slava rear view.
SDSpr-1-2 Slava rear view.