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SBU-12000 Balancing Machine SBU-12000 Universal.


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Balancing Machine SBU-12000 Universal (SBU12000, SBU 12000)
Balancing Machine SBU-12000 is designed for universal balancing of rotors in their own poles.
Choosing zarezonansnogo types of machines (with supple legs), due to a number of advantages:
- Versatility is important for the conditions of repair facilities;
- The lack of sophisticated simplicity of installation and foundation of the balancing machine in the shop;
- Ease of use through the use of microprocessor control systems.
Devices balancing machine SBU-12000 universal require virtually no maintenance, except the current one.Repair of machine tools made of block, the replacement units.
To control balancing machines series Security Service uses two types of control and calculation:
- System «SSB-M» for machines with a maximum weight of 10kg rotor, and 60 kg.These systems are microprocessor-based modules of its own design.
- System «SSB» to control machines with rotors weighing over 60 kg.This system is made on the basis of a computer with an active screen.
Management system «SSB» for balancing machines SBU (measurement of vibration of rotors) passed all tests and are certified by means of measurement.
The main element of the device zarezonansnogo balancing machine SBU-12000 Universal are pliable (swaying) supports, on the principle of the pendulum-like.The lower the attenuation (due to friction in the bearings) in the support, the higher the sensitivity of the machine, and the wider mass range of rotors that can balance on this machine.
For machines with a capacity over 60 kg are used mechanical and hydraulic stackers, to avoid the dynamic loads on the neck and shaft support bearings of the balancing machine.
All appliances balancing machine universal SBU-12000 implemented the ability to balance the rotors with different arrangement of supporting the necks of the rotor and the mounting of the belt.They implemented a complete set of algorithms for balance, you may need a specialist at work.
Machine control system «SSB-M» and «SSB» allow for balancing work as a "new" (to press) rotors and rotors, sensitivity coefficients are already stored in the memory management system.
In the process of balancing machine balancing device SBU-12000-purpose management system can stop at any given rotor position of a point up, down, etc.This helps reduce overall labor costs in carrying out the balancing of work.
As a result of the balancing machine balancing work unit SBU-12000 universal protocol balancing is automatically generated.This protocol is stored in the memory of the balancing device, and, if necessary, can be printed, included in the delivery of the balancing machine.
Technical characteristics of the devices balancing machines SBU-12000-purpose:
Maximum weight of the rotor - 12000.0 kg;
The minimum mass of the rotor - 600.0 kg;
The maximum rotor diameter - 2500 mm;
The diameter of the rotor supporting the necks - 50mm-350mm;
The distance between the centers of the support of the necks of the rotor - 400mm/5600mm;
Type of machine balancing device supports the SBU-12000 Universal - clips;
Sensitivity - 0.2 g ∙ mm / kg;
Rotor speed at balancing machine balancing device SBU-12000 Universal - 300ob/min;
Motor type - asynchronous with variable frequency;
Electric motor power - 15,0 kW;
Type of transmission unit balancing machine universal SSU-12000 - flat belt;
Machine control system - SSB;
The length of the base unit balancing machine SBU-12000 Universal - 6000mm;
Machine weight - no more than 4100kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument balancing machine universal SBU-12000 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.