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    Synchro SBMT3-3
    Also, this device can be called: SBMT33, SBMT3 3 SBMTZ3, SBMTZ-3 SBMTZ3, sbmt33, sbmt3-3, sbmt3 3.

Resolver 3 SBMT3 contactless type transformer is used for synchronous rotation, and in-phase rotation of the two or more axes and mechanically disconnected from each other in automatic control systems and control.
    Devices of this type are designed to operate in remote tracking systems of different devices and aviation ground equipment.
    Appointment SBMT3-3 - the encoder or receiver.

Technical specifications of the devices synchro s SBMT3-3

    Power supply 36 ± 4.           
    The frequency of 400 ± 20 Hz.
    Supply current of 0.1 A.
    The resistance of the winding clock 80 ± 8 ohms.
    The resistance of the field winding 246 ± 25Om.
    Friction torque of 2 g · cm
    Weight of 0.7 kg.
    Dimensions, length / diameter - 40.5 / 28.5 mm.

Operating conditions SBMT3-3

    Vibration frequency from 10Hz to 200Hz.
    The temperature range of from -60 ° C to +60 ° C.
    Working height of 35,000 m
    Dielectric strength 500V.
    Insulation resistance:
    - With humidity up to 80% - 1 Mohm.
    - With humidity over 95% - 20MOm.
    The maximum static error is ± 1,5 °.
    Geometric asymmetry ± 30 ° (carbon. / Min.)
    Warranty life of 10,000 hours.

Photos СБМТ3-3

SBMT3-3 device image.
SBMT3-3 device image.
SBMT3-3 front view.
SBMT3-3 front view.
SBMT3-3 side view.
SBMT3-3 side view.