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S1-97 Oscilloscope S1-97 universal


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Oscilloscope S1-97 universal (S197, S-1-97, S 1 97, c1-97, S-197, S 197, S1 97, c197, c-1-97, c 1 97, c-197, c 1197, c1 97)
Oscilloscope S1-97 Universal - the fastest device in the group of universal oscilloscopes. Fast rise time, high brightness CRT and high speed recording device can be used successfully for the study of fast processes in an electronic computer equipment, electronics, nuclear physics.
Input impedance of 50 ohms provides research RF signals without distorting their shape due to the capacitive load. May increase the input impedance of up to 1 MW (capacitive load 2PF) through the use of an active probe-head with a divider.
Specifications Oscilloscope S1-97 universal:
Vertical deflection
Bandwidth - 0MGts-350MHz;
The rise time of Ss - <1 ns;
Coefficient of variation - 5mV/div.-0, 5V/div.;
Accuracy - 3%;
The input resistance and capacitance S1-97:
- 50 ohms, 100 ohms, 4PF (with an active probe);
- 1M, 2PF (with a divider-paddle).
Horizontal deflection
Sweep - 1ns/del.-0, 1s/del. (With a 10-fold stretching);
Accuracy - 4%, 6% (the ratio of the sweep 1ns/del. And 2ns/del.)
Type of indicator - CRT 19LO101A;
Effective screen - 80h100mm;
Photorecording speed - 2000 km / s;
Power Consumption - 140V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 360h200h420mm;
Weight S1-97 - 18kg.