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S1-54 (c1-54) Oscilloscope C1-54 Universal.

S1-54 (c1-54)

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Oscilloscope S1-54 universal (S154, S-1-54, S 1 54, S1-54, S-154, S 154, S1 54, c154, c-1-54, c 1 54, c-154, c 154 , c1 54)
Oscilloscope S1-54 is designed to study the universal impulse and periodic processes in the laboratory, field and high-altitude (up to 5km) conditions.
Technical characteristics of the devices Oscilloscope S1-54 universal:
Temperature - from -3 º C to +50 ° C;
Ambient relative humidity - 95% at +25 ° C;
The device allows you to observe and measure periodic and pulsed electrical signals:
- In the amplitude range - from 0.01 V to 500 V;
- In the range of frequencies of periodic signals - from 2MHz to 20MHz;
- Parameters of pulses from 0.1 ms to 0.5 s with a repetition frequency of 200 Hz to 500 kHz;
Uneven frequency response of the amplifier vertical deflection device oscilloscope S1-54 no more than 3dB universal - in the range of frequencies from 0 Hz to 20 MHz, not more than 1 dB in the frequency range 50Hz-3MHz for broad band and not more than 3 dB in the frequency range from 2 Hz to 2 MHz for narrow band ;
The maximum horizontal deflection amplifier sensitivity - not less than 0.05 mm / mV;
Uneven frequency response of the amplifier unit horizontal deflection oscilloscope S1-54 universal - no more than 3 dB in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 2 MHz;
The working part of the screen - 40h90mm;
Power supply - AC, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz, 220V ± 10% or 400 Hz frequency (7% / -3%), voltage 115V ± 5% THD up to 10%;
The power consumed by the device on the network - not more than 140V ∙ A;
Unit weight oscilloscope S1-54 universal - 25kg;
Dimensions - 260h380h550mm;
Working hours instrument oscilloscope S1-54 universal to failure - at least 600 hours.