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Oscilloscope S1-157 universal (S1157, S-1-157, S 1 157, c1-157, S-1157, S 1157, S1 157, c1157, c-1-157, c 1 157, c-1157, c 11157, c1 157)
Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal is designed to study the electrical signals by visual observation and measurement of their parameters on the scale of the CRT screen in the frequency band 100 MHz-0MGts.
Technical characteristics of equipment oscilloscopes S1-157 universal:
Vertical deflection
The number of channels the device Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal - 2;
Bandwidth - 0MGts-100MHz;
Coefficient of variation - 5mV/del-5V/del (Step 1-2-5);
Accuracy - ± 3%;
The rise time of the instrument HRP oscilloscope S1-157 Universal - ≤ 3,5 ns;
Input impedance - a MOm/25pF with 1:10 divider - 10 MOm/12pF;
Input voltage
- With an open entrance - ≤ 90V;
- Closed the entrance - ≤ 100 V;
- The divisor 1:10 - ≤ 250 V;
Profiles of vertical device Oscilloscope S1-157 universal - the entrance open, closed, channel1, channel2, channel2 inverted, channels 1 and 2, intermittent / turn, the summation of channels;
The horizontal deflection
Odds scanning device S1-157 oscilloscope is a universal - 20nsek/del-0, 2sek/del, smooth overlap factor of 2.5 (Step 1-2-5);
Accuracy - ± 4%, with a banner - ± 5%;
Sweep - x10;
Modes of universal oscilloscope sweep unit S1-157 - astable, suspend, single;
Sources - Channel 1, Channel 2, network, external, lowpass filter, highpass filter;
External synchronization unit Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal - 100 MHz, 0.2 V to 10 V;
Delayed images enables observation of the leading edge;
Light speed XY - XY mode presence in the band 20Hz-3MHz, coefficient of variation (5mV/del-5V/del) ± 10%;
The presence of Z - the oscilloscope input device S1-157 universal - the frequency range of 3MHz-0MGts, the input impedance - 100 kOm/50pF;
Screen - 80x100mm;
Built-in calibrator device oscilloscope S1-157 Universal:
- The frequency of "meander" - 1000 Hz ± 10 Hz;
- Amplitude of - 0.6 V ± 0,006 V;
Power - 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;
Power Consumption device Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal - 80V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 160x300x385mm;
Weight - 8 kg;
Additional functions of the device oscilloscope S1-157 universal - the tester components;
Parameters of the tester components
The X-axis - ± 12V;
Axis Y - ± 12mA;
Test current base - step 0mkA; 20mkA; 40mkA; 60mkA; 80mkA;
Division factor - 1/8;
Test voltage N-I - 0V step, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B;
Division factor - 1/8;
Operating conditions
Operating temperature device universal oscilloscope S1-157 - 5 º C-40 ° C;
Humidity - 80% at 25 ° C;
The device is an oscilloscope S1-157 Universal allows you to measure the parameters of two-and three-point tester with built-in components and manufacture of semiconductor devices monitor the CVC;
In the study of two-terminal device tester Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal allows you to:
- Measurements of the CVC, check the serviceability of the individual diodes, zener diodes (up to 12V), light emitting diodes, tunnel diodes, hits the E-B, B-R bipolar, and W, NW field-effect transistors;
- To check the serviceability of pn junctions by comparing with those in the intact circuit, prozvanivatsya chain;
In the study of three-point tester device Oscilloscope S1-157 Universal allows you to:
- Observe the output current-voltage characteristics of bipolar transistors, small and medium power in forward and inverse modes;
- To determine the static coefficient of transmission in the circuit with the MA, the transmission coefficient in the inverse mode, the voltage Earley, the breakdown voltage of pn junctions;
- On the weekends field-effect transistors current-voltage characteristics of low power to determine the initial drain current cut-off voltage, the slope of the CVC;
The tester is suitable for incoming inspection of semiconductor devices and the selection of transistors in a matched pair;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument oscilloscope S1-157 Universal technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: S1-157

S1-157 oscilloscope image.
S1-157 oscilloscope image.
S1-157 front view.
S1-157 front view.
S1-157 side view.
S1-157 side view.
S1-157 rear view.
S1-157 rear view.
S1-157 overhead view.
S1-157 overhead view.
S1-157 bottom view.
S1-157 bottom view.