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S1-130 (C1-130)

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Universal television oscilloscope S1-130.

Also, this may be called an oscilloscope: S1130, S1 130, c1-130, c1130, c1 130.

S1-130 universal television oscilloscope is used to measure and control the parameters of the color television signal and its components, as well as for the measurement and analysis of temporal and amplitude parameters of periodic signals.

Specifications S1-130:

Frequency range - from 0 MHz to 15 MHz.

Number of Channels - 1.

Screen size - 40x60 mm.

Sensitivity oscilloscopes - 10 mV/div.

Coefficient of variation - 0,01 V/div to 5 V/div.

Sweep coefficient S1-130 - 0,05 ms/div to 20 ms/div.

Automatic installation image size signals above 20 Hz.

Digital memories:

- Harmonic signals up to 1 kHz;

- Pulse signal lasting at least 500 ms.

Error of measurement of amplitude and time parameters of signals - 3%.

Self-diagnosis and testing.

Oscilloscope block allocation television line.

Dimensions - 200x80x300 mm.

Weight oscilloscope S1-130 - 4,5 kg.

The manufacturer guarantees compliance oscilloscope S1-130 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation of installed documentation manuals.

Photos: S1-130 (C1-130)

S1-130 device image.
S1-130 device image.