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S1-122A (C1-122A)

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    Oscilloscope S1-122A (S1122A, S1 122A; s1-122a; s1122a; s1 122a)

    Universal oscilloscope S1-122A - an instrument designed to study the electrical and physical processes.
    The bandwidth - up to 100MHz.
    Limits of error of deflection factors and reamers - 4%.
    Amplitude - 400mV.
    The repetition frequency - 10 Hz - 100 kHz.
    Structural features of S1-122A

    Oscilloscope S1-122A are multifunctional devices with variable structure, which uses a series of removable blocks. Scheme-the structural arrangement of the oscilloscope C1-112A provides complete interchangeability of replacement units and allows the consumer on the basis of one base to easily create various devices on functionality:
    - Universal oscilloscope with a bandwidth of up to 100MHz;
    - Stroboscopic oscilloscope with a bandwidth up to 18 GHz;
    - A digital oscilloscope with a sampling frequency of up to 40MHz and controlled by CPC;
    - Logic state analyzer of digital circuits with frequency 100MHz. 

Photos: S1-122A (C1-122A)

YA4S-95 block image.
YA4S-95 block image.
YA4S-96 block image.
YA4S-96 block image.
Я4С-101 block image.
Я4С-101 block image.

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