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S1-120 (c1-120)

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Oscilloscope S1-120 Universal (S1120, S-1-120, S 1120, S1-120, S-1120, S 1120, S1 120, c1120, c-1-120, c 1120, c-1120, c 1120 , c1 120)
Oscilloscope S1-120 Universal is designed to study the parameters of electrical signals with an amplitude of 4mV-120V, the duration of 8ns-5s by visual observation of their shape, to measure the amplitude and time parameters using a calibrated scale and measure the time parameters with high accuracy using a digital meter.
- 2 channels;
- Possibility of simultaneous study of three signals in two time scales;
- A built-in device oscilloscope S1-120 Universal Calibrator, which provides three fixed output level, which allows you to control the error coefficient of variation and sweep frequency to conduct take-out dividers compensation signal;
- Microprocessor controller lets you manage an oscilloscope, provides an indication of operating modes, the holding of digital measurements - auto-balancing channel vertical deflection and self-test device;
- A digital measurement of time intervals.
Technical characteristics of the devices Oscilloscope S1-120 universal:
Operating Conditions:
- Ambient temperature - from -10 º C to +50 º C;
- Relative humidity - 98% at +25 º C;
Bandwidth - 100MHz-0MGts;
Coefficient of variation instrument oscilloscope S1-120 universal - 0,005 V/del-5V/del;
- Main - 1s/del-2 ∙ 10 -8 s / div;
- Delayed - 0.1 s/del-2 ∙ 10 -8 s / div;
The limits of the basic error coefficient of variation and the device scans the oscilloscope S1-120 universal - ± 3%;
Measuring range of time intervals digital meter - 4 ∙ 10 -7 s;
The main error of the amplitude calibrator - ± 0,5%;
The basic error of the calibrator duration - ± 0,1%;
Input impedance instrument oscilloscope S1-120 universal - 1 MW ± 0,03 MW;
Input capacity - up to 25pF;
The output signal levels of the calibrator - 0.1 V, 1 V, 10 V;
The working part of the device screen oscilloscope S1-120 universal - 80h100mm;
Power consumption - 120W ∙ A;
Weight - 13 kg;
Dimensions of the device oscilloscope S1-120 universal - 345h200h455mm.


S1-120 (c1-120) оscilloscope image.
S1-120 (c1-120) оscilloscope image.
S1-120 (c1-120) front view.
S1-120 (c1-120) front view.
S1-120 (c1-120) side view.
S1-120 (c1-120) side view.
S1-120 (c1-120) rear view.
S1-120 (c1-120) rear view.
S1-120 (c1-120) overhead view.
S1-120 (c1-120) overhead view.
S1-120 (c1-120) bottom view.
S1-120 (c1-120) bottom view.