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Stopwatch S-1-2a (S1-2a, S 1-2a)
GOST 5072-62
Stopwatches S-1-2a are designed to measure the time in minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds.
Average amendment at 20 ± 5 ° C for 30 min. ± 1 second.

a) the scale of seconds 0.2 seconds.
b) 1.0 min minute scale.
Duration of a complete revolution:
a) The second hand 60s.
b) the minute hand 30 minutes.

Stopwatch winding S-1-2a by turning the head to the fault (the direction of rotation in a clockwise direction).
Caution is advised to make the last 2 - 3 turns factory heads, in order to avoid breaking the lock spring.
Strictly forbidden to reveal the mechanism of disassembly and stopwatch S-1-2a.
Cleaning, lubrication and adjustment mechanism should be checked at least once every two years, specialists in the watchmakers repair.

Faulty stopwatch with S-1-2a and the accuracy of the values ​​within the tolerance band is guaranteed for 24 months under normal use.

Photos S-1-2a

S-1-2a device image.
S-1-2a device image.