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    Tool relay services RZA (P OF, P-OF, P E A, P, S, A, P3A, R 3A, P-3A, P 3 A,  P-3-A; p3a; p 3a; p-3a; p 3 a; p-3-a)
    Tool relay services - set of tools for adjusting the mechanical and electrical characteristics of relay protection and automation.
    RZA instrument issued in the form of two separate sets: a set of the adjusting tool kit and repair tool.
    Tool relay services RZA services are used as on-site installation of relay protection and in the laboratory during the commissioning and routine checks.

Guidance on the use of RZA

    Tool relay services RZA is not designed to work on elements of the equipment under tension.
    Tool relay services RZA must be used in accordance with the application instructions for each type of instrument.
    RZA instrument should be kept in a case, supplied by the plant.

Specifications RZA

    The kit consists of RZA:
    1. Instruments P3A have spanners Chop special, which are designed primarily for assembly and disassembly of the relay equipment for its repair or installation for removal of individual or sets of relay relay panels.
    2. Spanners flat sided with multi-directional axes grips with the dimensions of 7 × 7, 8 × 8 with nuts M4, M5, designed for assembly and disassembly of the relay equipment for its repair.
    3. Crow D7 mm screwdriver is designed to tighten the connection of sliding contacts secondary purposes KRU.
    4. Crow D4 mm Screwdriver is designed to change the winding branches of PTB.
    5. Screwdriver with rods mm D4, D6 mm screws are designed for M4, M6 terminals on the relay panel apparatus and appliances.
    6. RZA are also tools screwdriver "Fungus» D4 mm is designed to set the right stop screw, which limits the angle of rotation anchor relay RT-40
    7. Screwdriver "Fungus» D6 mm axial bearings designed for installation relay BSR, IMB, cattle, etc.
    8. Screwdriver corner D6 mm with a longitudinal working end is designed for screws M5, M6 in remote places relay equipment.
    Screwdriver catcher which has RPA instrument is intended for screws M4 and M5 when the screw is not possible to hold the hand.