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RPI-100 Flow Switch EPI-100.


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Flow Switch RPI-100 (RPI100, RPI 100)
Flow Switch RPI-100 are designed to reduce the amount of signaling and control of the presence of visual flow of the fluid, non-aggressive to steel 08H17T, alloy painted with AK74, alloy 36NHTYU.
The relay is designed for operation in hazardous locations.
There are performance 0, I, II, III, IV.
Technical characteristics of the instrument flow switch RPI-100.
Orifice diameter - 100 mm;
Temperature controlled liquid - from 0 º C to +100 ° C;
The viscosity-controlled flow switch device RPI-100 liquid - no more than 8 ∙ 10 -5 m 2 / s;
Pressure controlled liquid - no more 10kgs/sm 2;
Contact load flow switch device RPI-100:
- Voltage - no more than 250;
- Power - less than 30 V ∙ A;
- DC - 1 ∙ 10 -6 A to 1A;
- Alternating current - 0.15 A;
Setting range of settings, the performance of the instrument and a flow switch flow of RPI-100 are listed in Table 1;
Table 1 The range of settings, the performance of the instrument and the flow rate
The gain on the throttle
The set value
Flow rate, no more
0.05 H (5gs)
flat oval 60h30mm
103.7 l / min
0.1 N (10gs)
flat oval 60h30mm
145.0 l / min
0.6 N (60gs)
flat oval 60h30mm
283.0 l / min
0.1 N (10gs)
diameter of 31.5 mm
280.0 l / min
0.6 N (60gs)
diameter of 31.5 mm
540.0 l / min
Ambient temperature - from -40 º C to +60 º C;
Relative humidity - no more than 80%;
The mass flow switch device RPI-100 - no more than 1.5 kg.