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Robotron 01024

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    Analyzer 01024 (01 024, 01-024)
    01024 analyzer - a device for carrying out the frequency octave or third-octave analysis of periodic and pulsed signals in the low frequency range, broadband acoustic measurements, broadband or selective measurement of the effective values ​​of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal voltage.
    Frequency range - 2 Hz - 160kGts.
    Voltage Range - 0.1 mV - 10V.

    Filter Control:
    - Manual, the internal clock;
    - From external sources.

    Structural features of 01024

    01024 Analyzer is a versatile modular unit consisting of 4 plug-in units:
    - Unit pre-amp;
    - Block oktavnogotertsoktavnogo filter;
    - The measuring unit;
    - The power supply in the system chassis.

    Sensor of 01024 has two inputs for measuring voltage and an input for a microphone. There is a built-in calibrator.
    The instrument display unit 01024 displays the rms voltage in a linear or logarithmic scale. Linear scale range of the analyzer 01024 - 0-40dB. Also in the device 01024 is fitted filters A, B, C, D, which is estimated by the frequency bandwidth of acoustic measurements.

Photos: Robotron 01024

Robotron 01024 photo of the analyzer.
Robotron 01024 photo of the analyzer.