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RHC-30 UNIMETAL Roller brake tester RHC-30.


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Manufacturer: UNIMETAL
Country: Poland


    Roller brake tester RHC-30 (RHC30, RHC 30)

    Roller brake tester RHC-30 is designed to test the vehicles with a maximum axle load up to 18t, including tractors, trailers, motorcycles and cars with 4x4 drive (recessed version).
    Technical characteristics of the devices Roller Brake Testers RHC-30:
    GCW - 18t;
    Range of braking forces - 0kN-30kN;
    Control range of wheelbase - 990N-2700N;
    Diameter bypass road wheels - 14"-33";
    Pressure range of the brake pedal - 0N-1000N;
    Engine power - 2h4kV;
    The coefficient of adhesion of dry-wet tires tires - 0,9-0,7;
    Peripheral speed roller brake tester device RHC-30 - 2.5 km/h;
    Power - 3x400V;
    The list of options to the device roller brake tester RHC-30 is shown in Table 1;
    Table 1 List of options to the unit brake tester RHC-30 
Fotografіya device
Device name
Identification of the machine
Центральный блок управления
The central control unit with a computer All-in-one, A4 printer, keyboard and mouse
Radio automatic pressure in the pneumatic system
The pressure sensor on the brake pedal
Пульт радиоуправления
Radio control brake stand RHC-30
42 `` LCD display wall mount
Гидравлический прибор
Hydraulic device increases the load on the axle vehicle
Система взвешивания
Weighing System
Скользящие (мобильные) ролики
Moving (mobile) rollers
Програмное обеспечение
Software to test 4x4, Automatic drive, allowing to test 4x4 cars, and cars with undivided bridges
Cover for brake tester RHC-30
    The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument roller brake tester RHC-30 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.