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RD-09 76 rev/min; 1/15,62

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The motor RD-09 76ob/min asynchronous (RD09 76ob/min, RD 76ob/min 09)

Technical characteristics of the devices Asynchronous RD-09 76ob/min:

Gear ratio - 1 / 15, 62;
Voltage field supply - 127V, 12.70 in, 127V-19, 05V;
Supply voltage coil of the motor unit RD-09 76ob/min asynchronous - 127V;
Frequency - 50Hz ± 1Hz;
The current consumed by the excitation winding at no load - no more than 0.11 A;
The current consumed by the winding control device electric motor RD-09 76ob/min asynchronous idle - no more than 0.06 A;
Pick-up voltage on the winding control - no more than 10V;
Self-propelled device asynchronous motor RD-09 76ob/min - no more than one revolution of the output shaft;
Starting torque at the output shaft of the gearbox - not less than 0.156 N ∙ m;
The frequency and direction of rotation of the output shaft gear at idle - at least 76ob/min, counterclockwise strklki;
Unit weight motor RD-09 76ob/min asynchronous - no more than 0.95 kg;
Mode of operation - continuous.

Photos: RD-09 76 rev/min; 1/15,62

RD-09 76 r/min front view.
RD-09 76 r/min front view.
RD-09 76 r/min side view.
RD-09 76 r/min side view.
RD-09 76 r/min overhead view.
RD-09 76 r/min overhead view.