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R5030 RCL meter R5030.


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RCL meter R5030 (P 5030, P-5030, p5030, p 5030, p-5030)
RCL meter R5030 is designed to measure resistance, capacitance, and inductance.
The range of measured values:
-         Resistance of 5.10 -3 ohms to 2.10 ohms 9;
-         Capacity from 1.10 to 2.10 -14 F -1 F;
-         Inductance from 1.10 to 2.10 -7 TR 5 TR;
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges RCL R5030:
Time of one measurement does not exceed - 0.1
Time to automatically select measurement range does not exceed R5030:
-         - At a frequency of 1 kHz - 0.1 s;
-         - At a frequency of 0.1 kHz - 1c;
Time of an operating mode the instrument under normal operating conditions and use no more than 30 minutes.
Power supply meter RCL R5030
-         voltage 220V ± 22V 33B, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz, or 60Hz ± 1Hz;
-         THD less than 5%;
Power consumption does not exceed 10 V · A;
The main application area meter R5030 - electricity, radio engineering and electronics industries.
RCL meter R5030 can be used as a stand-alone tool for measuring general purpose:
-  control of electrical and radio products;
-  research;
-  measurement of nonelectrical quantities using transducers nonelectrical quantities in one meter measured values.
Overall dimensions R5030 meter RCL - 341 × 265 × 88mm;
Weight not more than 3.3 kg;
Mode of operation in normal operating conditions and applications - continuous;
Continuous robots RCL meter R5030 at least 8 hours. followed by a break of at least 1 hour.
RCL meter R5030 provides two measurement modes:
-  "The unit of measurement"
-  "Tracking"
Average life meter to limit state for at least 8 years.