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R20UZK metal measuring tape (R-20UZK, R 20UZK, R20 UZK, R20-UZK, R20U3K)

GOST 7502-98, MOD (DSTU 4179)
Measuring tape R20UZK used for measuring length by direct comparison with the scale of the roulette.
    Measurement range - from 0 m to 50 m.
    Of full scale - 1mm.
    Accuracy class - 3.
    Roulette R20UZK designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from -40 to 50 ° C;
    - Relative humidity up to 98% at 20 ° C.
Specifications measuring tape R20U3K:
    Roulette is made in accordance with GOST 7502-98, MOD (DSTU 4179).
    Beginning of the scale is zero roulette R20UZK division, which extend from the end of at least 100mm.
    The limits of permissible absolute error of the total length of the scale and its various intervals at 20 ± 5 ° C, mm:
    millimeter intervals of ± 0,2 mm;
    centimeter intervals of ± 0,3 mm;
    decimeter intervals ± 0,4 mm;
    scale length of 1m and a ± [0,40 +0,20 (L-1)];
    L - number of complete and full meters interval.

Intended use R20UZK
    R20UZK roulette are not a source of danger to human health and do not contain factors of environmental pollution. When operating the tape should be guided by the safety requirements established by regulations. Before operation is necessary to reactivation of roulette: wipe dry with a soft cloth tape measure.
    If this device measuring tape R20UZK at temperatures other than 20 ° C, it is necessary to correct for dt the temperature coefficient of linear expansion, calculated by the formula dt = b ∙ L u x (t-20), where b - coefficient of linear expansion of the material measuring tape ( for carbon steel b = 1,2 ∙ 10 -5, for stainless steel - b = 2,0 ∙ 10 -5); Lu-length scale roulette, measured at t; t - temperature measurement, o C.
    The calibration is carried out according to the roulette MI 1780 "GSI. Ribbon model and a metal measuring tape. Verification procedure. "
    Calibration interval tape, which has been in operation - 1 year.
    After measuring tapes on the winding drum, wipe dry with a soft cloth.
    Roulette R20U3K is a device that should be stored indoors at a temperature of + 10 ° C to + 35 ° C and relative humidity up to 80%. The air in the room must be free of corrosive gases and vapors. Roulette transported in closed vehicles. In aircraft roulette transported in heated compartments.
    Warranty period R20UZK - 12 months.

Photos: R20U3K

R20UZK roulette image.
R20UZK roulette image.
R20UZK photo of a measuring tape roulette.
R20UZK photo of a measuring tape roulette.
R20UZK photo of a measuring tape roulette.
R20UZK photo of a measuring tape roulette.
R20UZK front view.
R20UZK front view.
R20UZK side view.
R20UZK side view.
R20UZK rear view.
R20UZK rear view.
R20UZK side view.
R20UZK side view.