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Measuring the standing wave ratio R2-61 (R261, R 2 61, R-2-61, R-261, R 261)

Technical characteristics of the instrument measuring the standing wave ratio R2-61:
Frequency - 8.24 GHz-12 05GGts;
Measurement range VSWR - 1,05-5;
VSWR measurement error in the calibration:
- In the frequency - 5K%;
- At the measurement frequency - 4K%;
The limits of the weakening of measurement - 35dB ... 0dB;
Measurement error attenuation of P2-61:
- In the frequency - ± (0,05 x A 0.5) dB;
- At the measurement frequency - ± (0,05 A x 0.3) dB;
RF path - 23/10mm;
Power consumption P2-61 - 180V ∙ A;
Overall dimensions:
- Sweep - 488h475h173mm;
- Indicator - 490h482h175mm;
Weight - 45kg.

Photos: R2-61

R2-61 meters image.
R2-61 meters image.
R2-61 front view.
R2-61 front view.
R2-61 side view.
R2-61 side view.
R2-61 rear view.
R2-61 rear view.
R2-61 overhead view.
R2-61 overhead view.
R2-61 bottom view.
R2-61 bottom view.

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