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Standing wave ratio meter R2-52/4 (R252/4, R 2 52/4, R-2-52/4, R-252/4, R 252/4)
Standing wave ratio meter R2-52/4 instrument widely used.
Measure the VSWR and attenuation in two-port coaxial paths (R2-52. ..R2-54) and rectangular waveguides with playback frequency characteristics on the CRT screen.
Structurally, the gauges are made and a set of desktop devices. The kit includes the sweep indicator KSVH attenuation of the microwave measurement set of nodes.
Work devices based on the principle of a reflectometer - Separate selection signals proportional to the power of waves incident from the generator, the reflected or transmitted from the load measured by the four-pole.
As the generator of the microwave signal device standing wave ratio meter R2-52/4 is electrically tunable solid-state sweep, which consists of a control unit and replacement of the microwave units.
The indicator is designed to convert the signals carrying information about the parameters of the measured objects, in order to allow observation of the frequency characteristics of the objects on the CRT screen, as well as for direct reference VSWR and attenuation on the scales.
Measuring VSWR and attenuation can be made both in automatic and manual frequency tuning.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges the standing wave ratio R2-52/4:
The range of frequencies - 1.7 GHz-2 14GGts;
VSWR measurement range - 1,05-5, 1,07-5;
Measurement error in the calibration device SWR standing wave ratio meter R2-52/4:
- In the band - 5K%;
- The frequency of measurement - 4K%;
The limits of attenuation measurements --30dB ... 0dB;
The measurement error attenuation device measuring the standing wave ratio R2-52/4:
- In the band - ± (0,05 A x 0.5) dB;
- At the measurement frequency - ± (0,05 A x 0.3) dB;
RF path - 7 / 3, 04mm, 16 / 4,6 mm, 16 / 6.95 mm;
Consumed by the device measuring the standing wave ratio R2-52/4 Power - 180V ∙ A;
Overall dimensions
- Sweep - 482h480h175mm;
- Indicator - 490h482h175mm;
Mass sweep instrument measuring the standing wave ratio R2-52/4 - 25 kg;
Weight indicator - 20kg.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument measuring the standing wave ratio R2-52/4 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.