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R2-135 Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-135


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Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-135 (R2 135, R2135)

Used to display the panorama voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and the absolute value of the coaxial transmission of microwave devices.
Frequency range, GHz 0,01-2,4
Measurement channels: 3.5 / 1.52, 7/3, 04

Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-135 is used for panoramic display the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and the absolute value of the coaxial transmission of microwave devices.
R2-135 possible to observe the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the study and measurements on frequency tag anywhere in the operating frequency range. Information measured VSWR meter P2-135, is displayed on the LCD display.

Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-135 provides:
setting limits the frequency range of measurement with dial pad;
VSWR measurement panoramic sweep of duration of 0.06 to 10.0 seconds;
Panoramic measurement module gain (attenuation or amplification);
VSWR measurement gauge P2-135 in the "lens";
Programming VSWR meter P2-135 functions via RS-232 (or RS-485)
Main technical characteristics
Operating Frequency Range VSWR meter R2-135 GHz 0,01-2,4
Measurement channels VSWR meter R2-135 3.5 / 1.52, 7/3 04
The ranges and the maximum measurement error VSWR VSWR meter R2-135
1,03-5,0 - Channel 7/3, 04 ± 3 K, 1.03% for
1,05-5,0 - channel 3.5 / 1.52 ± 5 K% for 2.0
measurement error of the absolute value of the transfer VSWR meter R2-135 dB
From plus 30 to minus 50 ± (0,3 +0,04 | Ax |), where A - the measured transfer coefficient
Duration of the period of AFC VSWR meter R2-135 Fixed at 0.1 sec and 1.0 sec;
Infinitely variable: from 0.06 to 10 seconds
Setting error signal and the reference probe ± 10 -5 on the current value F
The size of the panoramic LCD 120x90 mm
Meals VSWR meter R2-135 220V 50Hz
Power input VSWR meter R2-135 <30 VA
Mass of the measuring unit 4 kg
Overall dimensions of the measuring unit 90x129x226 mm