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R2-116 (P2-116)

4 pieces
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    R2-116 KSVN measurer (R 2-116, R-2-116, R 2116, R-2116, R-2116, r2-116, r 2-116, r-2-116, r 2116; r-2116, R-2116)

    R2-116 Meter - a device designed for panoramic display the indicator device and measuring the frequency characteristics of the standing wave and full-flowing path attenuation elements.

The structure of measurer R2-116 includes:
    - a display unit Ya2R-70;
    - generator unit sweep frequency - Ya2R-76.

    Frequency - 8.24 GHz - 12.05 GHz.
    Measurement range:
    - Standing wave ratio - 1,05-5,0;
    - Attenuation - 0 to 50dB.

    Power consumption:
    - Sweep - 160W;
    - LED - 85W.

    The measurement of microwave circuit - 23 × 10 mm.
    - Sweep - 488 × 475 × 133mm;
    - LED - 488 × 492 × 173mm.
    - Sweep - 16kg;
    - Indicator - 18kg.
    R2-116 meters are used in the laboratory and shop floor measurement and configuration parameters SWR and attenuation of various microwave devices.
    Specifications R2-116

    P2-116 devices at izmereniimogut dopuskatsleduyuschie error:
    - When measuring the standing wave ratio - ± 4K%;
    - When measuring the transfer coefficient - ± (0,04 A 0.3) dB.

The device R2-116 allows you to see the features of VSWR and attenuation at the same time (dual-mode), to remember the characteristics of the screen and compare with the current characteristic. The Meter R2-116 has a digital readout of measured values ​​of VSWR, attenuation limits the frequency tuning.

Photos: R2-116 (P2-116)

Ya2R-70 image of indicator block.
Ya2R-70 image of indicator block.