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Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 (R2106, R2 106)

    Designed for a panoramic display on the display screen and measure the frequency characteristics of VSWR and attenuation coaxial elements tract.
    Frequency range 0.01 GHz to 2.14 GHz.
    The structure of measurer R2-106 includes:
    - a display unit Ya2R-70;
    - generator unit sweep frequency - Ya2R-74.

Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 intended for panoramic display the indicator and measuring the frequency characteristics of VSWR and attenuation elements coaxial tract.
Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 is designed for use in laboratory and shop floor, as well as repair shops and verification bodies at an ambient temperature of 5 to 40 ° C, relative humidity of 98% at 30 ° C and can be stored at a temperature of minus 55 to 50 ° C.
Operating conditions under which a basic error of devices measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106
1) supply voltage, V 220 ± 4,4;
2) the relative humidity,% (30 - 80);
3) ambient temperature, ° C 20 ± 5.
The device has to work with a shared channel (CPC) and the automated measuring system (AIS). To do this, set the indicator has an external interface CPC.
Technical data
Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 paths have the following measuring ranges and frequencies are listed in Table 1.
Table 1
Device Type Dimensions tract mm GHz frequency range
R2-106 3.5 / 1.52 0,01-2,14

Measurement range and the maximum permissible error of measurement for Fst VSWR ≤ 2 should be as given in Table 2.
Measuring range and limit the margin of error measuring the attenuation of passive two-ports with Fst u ≤ 1,2 should be as given in Table 2.
Maximum permissible error for measuring VSWR Kstu from 2 to 5 (δKstu 2) is defined by:
δKstu 2 = (± δKstu 1) / (100 - (± δKstu 1) δKstu 1 / (1 + δKstu))
where δKstu 1 - Accuracy Kstu for VSWR ≤ 2; Kstu - measured VSWR.
Table 2.
Device Type Range VSWR measurement The range of measuring the attenuation in dB

Maximum permissible error of measurement of VSWR,

Maximum permissible error of measuring the attenuation in dB
R2-106 1,05-5,0 0-40 ± 5Kstu ± (0,04 A 0.3)

where A - the measured attenuation in decibels; Kstu - measured VSWR.
In the device provides the following modes of frequency tuning:
1) manual frequency tuning;
2) manual sweep;
3) an automatic sweep with a duration of periods of 0.08, 1;
4) single sweep with a duration period of 10 s and manual start.
The maximum oscillation frequency band of not less than the working frequency range of the instrument measuringVSWR panoramic R2-106. The minimum frequency swing should be no more than 0.5% of the upper frequency range.
Maximum permissible error count and set the frequency of ± 3 MHz to 0.6 GHz and a maximum of ± 0,5% from the current frequency above 0.6 GHz.
On the CRT screen shows two amplitude frequency tags. Via 1 - directed upwards, the channel 2 - directed downward. The limits of acceptable errors in the measurement of VSWR and attenuation in the operating ambient temperatures from 5 to 40 ° C for a maximum value of basic error.
Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 provides its specifications within the rules at the end of a setup time of 15 minutes.
Instruments allow continuous operation under the operating conditions for a time at least 16 hours while maintaining their performance.
Measuring VSWR panoramic R2-106 retains its specifications when powered from an AC voltage (220 ± 22) V (50 ± 0,5) Hz.
The power consumed by the device from the power supply at rated voltage does not exceed:
1) to sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2R, YA2R-76/2 - 100 VA, 2) for the indicator - 80 VA.
The device provides the interface functions in accordance with the Table. 3.
Table 3
Function identification Function Name functionality
SP1 Reception timing All
P2 Receiver The main receiver
I4 Source 1) The main source of
    2) transmit timing source (CI1)
    3) The reception timing (JS1)

Mean time between failures (To) but less than 7,000 hours Gamma-percent life of at least 10,000 hours at γ = 90%. Gamma-percent service life of at least 10 years at a value of γ = 90%. Gamma-percent storage life of at least 10 years for heated storage or 5 years for unheated storage at γ = 80%.
Mean time to repair less than 8 hours no chance of latent failures of at least 0.9 for the calibration interval 18 months., With the utilization factor Ki = 0.12.
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
block indicator YA2R-70 488x492x173
block sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2R, YA2R-76/2 488x475x133
in the packing box  
block indicator YA2R-70 605x616x342
blocks sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2R, YA2R-76/2 585x560x246
sets combined 440x278x110
in transport package  
block indicator YA2V-70 782x696x456
blocks sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2R, YA2R-76/2 700x752x457
sets combined 634x496x306
Weight, kg, not more than:  
1) the device  
block indicator YA2R-70 18
blocks sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2V, YA2R-76/2 16
2) in the packing box  
block indicator YA2R-70 35
blocks sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2V, YA2R-76/2 31
sets combined 5
3) in a transport container  
block indicator 55
blocks sweep YA2R-74-75 YA2R, YA2V-76/2 55
sets combined 20

Photos: R2-106

R2-106 measuring image.
R2-106 measuring image.
R2-106 front view.
R2-106 front view.
R2-106 side view.
R2-106 side view.
R2-106 rear view.
R2-106 rear view.
R2-106 overhead view.
R2-106 overhead view.
R2-106 bottom view.
R2-106 bottom view.