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PVK VA-15S-3

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

    Mobile unit of weight control PVK VA-15S-3 (PVKVA15S3; PVK VA 15S 3, PVK-VA-15S-3)
    Mobile unit of weight control PVK VA-15S-3 with ramps - set, used for checking the weights of parameters for the transport of heavy loads on public roads.

    The composition of PVK VA-15S-3 include:

    - Platform VA-15S-3 - 2 pcs;
    - The ramp-base;
    - Remote control with the printer;
    - Set of cables
    - The ramp.

    function of PVK VA-15S-3:

    - Automatic registration and axial loads pokolesnyh vehicles;
    - Automatic calculation of the total weight of trucks up to 2.7 tonnes;
    - Printout of weight control on the built-in thermal printer control panel: the date, time, pokolesnaya, poosnogo load, gross vehicle weight;
    - The transfer of data from the platform to the control over the communications link;
    - Maintaining a database of measurement information in specialized software "Weight control";
    - Reporting on weight control post;
    - Automatic calculation of the fine for transportation of heavy loads.

    The main advantages of PVK VA-15S-3 is a high accuracy and availability of ramps that facilitate hitting the car on the platform and allow evenly distribute the load.
    PVK VA-15S-3 have a wide range of operating temperatures. The handy remote, which is part of a set of PVK VA-15S-3 provides control of scale.

Photos ПВК ВА-15С-3

PVK VA-15S-3 device image.
PVK VA-15S-3 device image.