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Stopwatch PV-53Shch electric laboratory (PV53SHCH, PV-53-SHCH, PV 53 SHCH, PV 53SHCH, PV53-SHCH, PV53 SHCH, PV-53SCH, PV 53SCH)
Stopwatch PV-53Shch electrical laboratory is designed to measure the response time of electrical relays and other contact devices.
Technical characteristics of the devices stopwatches PV-53Shch electrical laboratory:
The device is designed to work in temperatures - from -20 ° C to +50 ° C, with relative humidity up to 80%;
Nominal voltage appliance timer PV-53Shch electric laboratory - 110V and 220V;
Motions - ± 20%;
Nominal frequency of the device timer PV-53Shch electrical laboratory - 50Hz;
Measurement limit of small scale - 10s;
Graduation - 1s;
Limit: measuring large scale - 1s;
Graduation - 0.01 s;
Instrument error stopwatch PV-53Shch electrical laboratory at rated supply current does not exceed:
- ± 0,03 c - measurement interval from 1s to 3s;
- ± 0,05 c - measurement interval from 3s to 10s;
When measuring the total time of several periods of error are summarized;
The insulation resistance instrument stopwatch PV-53Shch electric laboratory checked voltage 2000V;
Consumed power
- At a voltage of 110V - 5V · A;
- At a voltage of 220 V to 10 V · A;
Dimensions of the device timer PV-53Shch electrical laboratory - 120h115h128mm;
Weight - 1 kg;
Warranty - 3 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device timer PV-53Shch electrical laboratory technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos PV-53SHCH

PV-53SCH front view (scale).
PV-53SCH front view (scale).
PV-53SCH side view (casing depth).
PV-53SCH side view (casing depth).
PV-53SCH rear view (connection).
PV-53SCH rear view (connection).