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Tool for testing distribution PR-500-R (PR500R, PR 500 R, PR500-R, PR500 P, PR-500R, PR 500R)
Tool for testing distribution PR-500-R used together with a device for flattening PR-500-SP in discontinuous machines IR 5145-500.
Technical characteristics of the devices for testing devices to the distribution of PR-500-R:
Type of test - the distribution end of the sample with a given mandrel taper angle to the end of the sample obtained from a given outside diameter;
The highest load limit - 500kN;
Pipe diameter - less than 1500 mm;
Pipe wall thickness - up to 9.0 mm;
Number of bars instrument device for testing the distribution of PR-500-R - 4;
Taper angle bars - 30 º ± 1 º;
Dimensions of the device device PR-500-R to test for distribution:
- Holder 1 - diameter / height of not more than 50mm/99mm;
- Arbor 2 - diameter / height 100mm/146mm no more;
- Arbor 3 - diameter / height 145mm/146mm no more;
- Arbor 4 - diameter / height 175mm/127mm no more;
Weight of the device to test the device to the distribution of PR-500-R:
- Holder 1 - not more than 0.7 kg;
- Arbor 2 - not more than 3.5 kg;
- Arbor 3 - no more than 8.25 kg;
- Arbor 4 - not more than 10.6 kg;
Appliance device for testing distribution PR-500-R consists of four removable taper mandrels of various diameters, mounted on the end of the sample;
Replacement mandrel selected depending on the size of the inside diameter of the sample;
Sample with a mandrel mounted on the lower support device for flattening test PR-500-SP;
The test is conducted in a compression mode;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device to test the device to the distribution of PR-500-R technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.