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PPML-M 20 kOhm

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Potentiometer PPML-M 20 kOhm (PPMLM, PPML M)
PPML-M potentiometer 20 kOhm is designed to work in DC and AC frequency up to 400Hz.
Product Specifications potentiometers PPML-M 20 kOhm:
Functional dependence - linear;
Nominal Resistance - 5 kOhm;
Tolerance functional dependence of the product potentiometer PPML-M 20 kOhm when the number of taps of the resistive element:
- Up to 5 outlets:
- An accuracy class - 0.05%;
- Class 2 accuracy - 0.1%;
- 5 or more outlets:
- An accuracy class - 0.2%;
- Accuracy class 2 -;
Dimensions of the product PPML-M potentiometer 20 kOhm:
- Length - 76mm;
- Diameter - 19 mm ± 0,3 mm;
Method of attachment to the panel - the nut or sticking;
Weight - no more than 40g;
The upper frequency range in which there should be no resonant frequencies - 100 Hz;
Durability products potentiometer PPML-M 20 kOhm must be 1 million rotations axis, but not more than 25,000 cycles, with a speed of up to 20.9 rad / s (200ob/min);
The time of pick-up should be no more than 2mN ∙ m (20gs ∙ cm);
The maximum number of rotations of the axis of the potentiometer products PPML-M 20 kOhm for the series - 40, 20 and 20 clockwise and counterclockwise;
Operating angle - 200 °;
Admission to the working angle - ± 7 °;
For the product potentiometer PPML-M and the number of additional MI-taps not more than 19 pieces made ​​in the corners that are multiples of 360 °;
Potentiometers PPMF-I and MI-PPMF number of additional branches not more than 5 pieces;
Sinusoidal vibration - a frequency range of 1 Hz to 1000 Hz with acceleration 10g potentiometers PPML-M and PPMF-I;
Single mechanical shocks with peak shock acceleration of 150g for a Potentiometer PPML-M and PPMF-I and 500g for a Potentiometer PPML-MI and MI-PPMF;
Mechanical impacts of multiple actions with peak shock acceleration of 40g potentiometers PPML-M and PPMF-I and 150g for a Potentiometer PPML-MI and MI-PPMF;
Linear acceleration of 50g for the product PPML-M 20 kOhm potentiometer to PPMF-I and 100g for a Potentiometer PPML-MI and MI-PPMF;
Increased ambient temperature - +85 ° C;
The maximum permissible ambient temperature for the product PPML-M potentiometer 20 kOhm at lower power dissipation by 50% - +100 ° C;
The change of temperature - from +100 º C to -60 ° C;
The temperature difference between the winding resistance element potentiometer products PPML-M 20 kOhm and the ambient air under normal weather conditions - no more than 40 ° C;
Minimum time of potentiometers in the modes and conditions shall be 3000 hours potentiometers PPML-M and PPMF-I and 5000 hours potentiometers PPML-MI and MI-PPMF with a total rotation axis does not exceed 1 million;
The minimum storage time for 12 years potentiometers PPML-M and PPMF-I and 15 potentiometers PPML-MI and MI-PPMF;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality PPML-M potentiometer 20 kOhm technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.