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PLP21 1,5 kOhm Precision Potentiometer PLP22 1.5 ohms.

PLP21 1,5 kOhm

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Precision Potentiometer PLP21 1,5 kOhm (PLP-21, PLP 21)
Precision Potentiometer PLP21 1,5 kOhm is designed for use in DC and AC frequency to 400Hz.
Technical data for precision potentiometers PLP21 1,5 kOhm:
Performance - no single stop;
Functional dependency - linear;
The nominal value of the resistance - 1,5 kOhm;
Tolerance of functional dependence precision potentiometer products PLP21 1,5 kOhm:
- Single and lower in block:
- Class 1 accuracy - ± 0,15%;
- Class 2 accuracy - ± 0,2%;
- Second and subsequent to the block:
- Class 1 accuracy - ± 0,22%;
- Class 2 accuracy - ± 0,3%;
Power dissipation - 5W;
Product dimensions PLP21 1,5 kOhm precision potentiometer:
- Thickness - 27,5mm;
- Diameter - 71,5mm;
Block potentiometers PLP (twin) are made up of any combination of single past the nominal resistance and the wiring diagram, but the same power dissipation;
Products potentiometer PLP (PLP11, PLP12, PLP21, PLP22) can be made ​​with one additional challenge;
The angle between the first and additional taps - 165 ° ± 30 º;
Potentiometer PLP made ​​no stops, limiting the operating angle 330 º;
Devices manufactured in climatic design UHL;
Admissible power dissipation product PLP21 1,5 kOhm precision potentiometer for the entire range of operating temperatures - from -60 º C to +125 ° C;
Allowable power dissipation for the entire interval potentiometers operating pressures - from 0.67 kPa to 294.2 kPa ( to 2207mm. Hg);
Minimum time precision potentiometer products PLP21 1,5 kOhm - 3000 hours;
Change in impedance - no more than 2%;
Change, a deviation from the functional characteristics of the product precision potentiometer PLP21 1,5 kOhm - no more than 50%;
Minimum storage life - 12 years;
Change in impedance - no more than 1%;
Change, a deviation from the functional characteristics of the product precision potentiometer PLP21 1,5 kOhm - no more than 50%;
The force applied along the axis of the product - not more than 9.8 N (1kgs);
Resonant frequency precision potentiometer products PLP21 1,5 kOhm - exceed 1000Hz;
Devyanostopyatiprotsentny resource potentiometers PLP - 6000 hours;
Allowed to use the product in the equipment, the exposed relative humidity up to 98% at +40 º C;
Allowed to use products PLP21 pot in alternating current frequency to 1000 Hz;
The ratio of the quadrature voltage to the application should not exceed 0.8%;
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality precision potentiometer PLP21 1,5 kOhm technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.