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Measuring the generator P-326-1 (P3261, P 326 1, P-3261, P 3261, P326-1, P326 1)
Measuring the generator P-326-1 is a comprehensive source of sinusoidal electric vibrations for use in measuring the parameters of communication lines, channels and paths of transmission systems with frequency division multiplexing with their setup, maintenance and repair.
Technical characteristics of the instrument generators measuring P-326-1:
The device can be operated in the field at a temperature of -10 ° C to +50 ° C, as well as the relative humidity of 95% -98% at 35 ° C.
The device generator P-326-1 measurement provides:
- Step through the installation of the frequency of 1 Hz;
- Smooth sweep with automatic tuning boundaries rocking swing with periods 0.04, 1c, 3c, 10c;
- High accuracy of the output level;
- The ability to remotely control the frequency, level, output impedance and the output signal lock in the code 8-4-2-1;
- Symmetrical and coaxial outputs;
- The possibility of simultaneous adjustment of the frequency level meter with U-326-2;
- High resistance to mechanical stress.:
Frequency range of the instrument measuring the generator P-326-1 - 0.2 kHz-2100kGts;
Accuracy of frequency setting - no more than + (10-7F +1) Hz;
Range of output levels:
- On a symmetric 600-ohm output - -49.9 dB, 19.9 dB;
- On a symmetric vyhode150 Ohm - -59.9 dB, 9.9 dB;
- To 75-ohm coaxial output - -59.9 dB, 9.9 dB;
The basic error of the output level measuring device generator P-326-1 - less than 0.4 dB;
Frequency response - no more than 0.5 dB;
Adjusting the output level of the instrument measuring the generator P-326-1 - 1 dB in steps of, 0.1 dB;
Protection of the output signal from the non-harmonic components - not less than 60 dB;
Protection of the output signal from each of the harmonic components at levels less than 10dB at the outputs 75 ohms and 150 ohms, and at a level of 10 dB at the output 600 ohms - not less than 50 dB;
Attenuation of the output signal generator instrument measuring P-326-1 in blocking - at least 50 dB;
The power consumed by the device from AC 220V - 120V max ∙ A;
Weight of the device measuring the generator P-326-1 - no more than 45kg;
Dimensions - 500x480x260mm.

Photos: P-326-1

P-326-1 generator image.
P-326-1 generator image.
P-326-1 front view.
P-326-1 front view.
P-326-1 side view.
P-326-1 side view.
P-326-1 rear view.
P-326-1 rear view.
P-326-1 side view.
P-326-1 side view.
P-326-1 overhead view.
P-326-1 overhead view.
P-326-1 bottom view.
P-326-1 bottom view.