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Absorbed power wattmeter OM3-65.

Also, this device can be called: OM365, OM3 65, OM-365, OM 365, om3-65, om365, om3 65.

OM3-65 absorbed power wattmeter designed to measure the average power of a continuous optical radiation Lightguide communication systems.

OM3-65 consists of two blocks: the transmitter indicating and interconnected by a cable.

Specifications OM3-65:

The wavelength range of the measured power - from 0,8 mcm to 1 mcm.

Measurement range of capacities - from 10-9 W to 10-2 W.

Basic measurement error - no more than 15%.

Tally junior series - 0,1 W.

Response time - less than 5 seconds.


- Display unit - 308×228×120 mm;

- Converter - 80×66×44 mm.

Mass wattmeter OM3-65 - 4 kg.

Digital display.

Number of decimal places - 3,5.

The principle of operation is based on a wattmeter photodiode converting optical power into an electrical signal which is then amplified, converted and displayed on a digital display device in the dimension of the optical power supplied to the input device.

Absorbed power wattmeters OM3-65 can be used to measure the loss in fiber optic links, optical power transmitted to the consumer, as well as setting up, adjusting and testing of optical waveguide devices with lines of communication and transmission of information.

The manufacturer guarantees compliance wattmeter OM3-65 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: OM3-65

OM3-65 device image.
OM3-65 device image.
OM3-65 front view.
OM3-65 front view.
OM3-65 side view.
OM3-65 side view.
OM3-65 rear view.
OM3-65 rear view.
OM3-65 overhead view.
OM3-65 overhead view.
OM3-65 bottom view.
OM3-65 bottom view.