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The sound level meter OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA (OKTAVA110ULTIMA, OKTAVA 110 ULTIMA, OKTAVA 110-ULTIMA)
The sound level meter OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA designed for easy measurement to health control and certification of employment, residential and public buildings for vibration and acoustic factors.
Product Specifications sound level meters OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, spectrum analyzers OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA:
Set for 4-channel noise measurements, infrared and ultrasound, general and local vibrations (a vibroacoustic channel + 3 vibration channels):
- ISS-110A (Audio, Infrasound, Ultrasound, General Vibration - 1kanal, Host vibration - a channel E-meter, H-meter) + ISS-101VM (total 3-fold vibration., Local vibration of a 3-fold.));
- Mic Preamp;
- Sound level meter microphone capsules device OKTAVA-110, ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA MK265 (or equivalent) and MK233 (or equivalent) (MK-265 - a microphone for the measurement of weak noise in residential areas);
- Three-vibration sensor with integrated electronics AR2038 AR2082 adapter, or 110A-IEPE;
- Complete installation adapters 110_KIT-MA-3;
- Sound level meter windshield device OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA ULTIMA-110-WS-1;
- 110_RTL - a remote terminal for simultaneous remote control and recording of measurements on all four channels;
- IS-101 - Bag measuring;
Optional sound-level meter to the appliance OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA:
- P6-70 P6-71, EN400 - measuring electric and magnetic antennas;
- CAL200 - Acoustic Calibrator;
- AT01 - vibrokalibrator;
Class 1 sound level meter in accordance with GOST 17187 is designed for measurement of sound, affecting the man on the production, transportation, residential and public buildings (including a faint noise - Communal Hygiene), etc.
The device is sound level meter OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA can be used to measure the noise characteristics of machines, measurement of sound insulation, sound power determination, certification of premises.
Built-octave and 1/3-octave filters satisfy the device class 1 according to GOST 17168 and IEC 61260.
The instrument sound meter OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110-ULTIMA there is an additional port for digital data or digitized signals to a computer in real time.
Additional software (110_RTA, 110_DM, SIGNAL +) makes a bunch of device-to-computer into a powerful measurement system.