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Microphone adapter OKTAFON
Microphone adapter OKTAFON designed to connect the measuring condenser microphones to the secondary devices: voltmeter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and data acquisition systems.The device provides power to the mic preamps and supply the polarization voltage to the 200V mic capsules.
Product Specifications microphone power supply OKTAFON:
The device can also be used to connect the piezoelectric vibration sensors or pressure (ICP, IEPE, Deltatron, Isotron and the like) using an adapter 110A-IEPE, as well as to connect the electric and magnetic antennas P6-70 P6-71.
Microphone adapter OKTAFON has two inputs for connecting transducers (microphones, sensors, antennas), the two output voltage to signal to the secondary device, as well as three additional connectors for headphones (one mono output for each channel and a stereo).
Thus the operator can control the process of measuring an audiogram.
Number of input channels:
2 (Switchcraft connectors 5-pin)
Power mic preamp:
± 18V (bipolar)
Voltage is microphone capsules:
Signal amplification device microphone power supply OKTAFON:
Maximum input voltage:
± 15V
Output signal
2 (BNC)
The level of electrical noise of their own instrument microphone power supply OKTAFON (with preamplifier P110, P200, with short-circuited with the equivalent of the microphone input capacity of 18 pF):
<3mkV (subject to adjustment in accordance with GOST 17187-81 A and IEC 61672-1)
Frequency range
Determined by the affiliated primary preoboazovatelem.
Additional output device power supply OKTAFON microphone to listen to the signal:
- Stereo (receives signals simultaneously from two input channels)
- Two mono output (one for each output channel)
- Adjust the volume of additional outputs ± 40 dB
- A range of output voltages: ± 5,4 In
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable battery or external power supply 9V DC, 500mA
Overall dimensions:
Weight of the device microphone power supply OKTAFON: