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Wrenches torque MT-1-60 (MT160, MT 1 60, MT-160, MT 160, MT1-60, MT1 60)
Wrenches torque MT-1-60 is normalized tightening, right-and-left, torque measurement, control torques.
The keys are used in conjunction with sockets or extension rods in the service station, at work, at home.
Wrenches MT-1-60 torque with dial dial gauge.
All keys series MT-1 entered into the State Register of SIT in Russia and Ukraine and are certified in Russia and Ukraine.Delivered with metrological verification Gosstandart.
Technical characteristics of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60
Measuring range of the moment - 5Nm-60Nm;
Accuracy class of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60 - 4;
Scale value - 2.5 Nm (0.25 kgf · m);
The limit of the permissible error - ± 4%;
Size square drive torque wrenches unit MT-1-60 - 12.5mm;
Dimensions - 90h90h60mm;
Unit weight wrenches MT-1-60 Torque - 0.3 kg;
Ambient temperature - from -10 º C to +30 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 25 º C;

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, front view

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, front view
    Wrenches MT-1-60 torque, side view   

Wrenches MT-1-60 torque, side view

    Wrenches torque MT-1-60, back view

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, back view

Constructively designed as transmitter with diversity measurement part and square drive for easy access in places with difficult access (motor vehicle);
The large size of the scale of help tools wrenches torque MT-1-60 easy to read measured force;
Dimensions of square tool change is made according to international standards, which makes working with the nozzles and heads of any manufacturer;
The device key torque MT-1-60 Torque consists of elements:
- Torsion;
- Hole ratchet (handle);
- Square drive socket head;
- Thrust;
- Reading head;
- The scale reading head, closed plexiglass;
The operation principle is the torque wrenches MT-1-60 is proportional to the applied torsion twisting moment of force;
The arrow head indicates the reference scale is applied to the torque of fasteners;
Warranty period instrument wrenches MT-1-60 torque - 18 months;
- Torque wrenches MT-1-60 - 1 piece;
- Passport - 1 copy;
- Individual packaging (bag or case) - 1 piece;
How to work with the device wrenches torque MT-1-60
- Set on a square head or extension;
- Into the opening of the torsion arm (ratchet)
- Turn to tighten the fasteners;
- Tighten the fasteners to the required proof reading;
- Do not exceed the torque values ​​greater than the upper limit of measurement;
Keep instruments torque wrenches MT-1-60 is necessary in dry conditions, free of acid and alkali vapors;
Temperature during transportation should not be below -50 º C and above +50 º C;
The device key torque MT-1-60 torque can be transported in packed by any means of transport;
After transporting the device at low temperatures should be kept in normal conditions for at least 6 hours;
In cases of long-term storage it is recommended to inspect the unit wrenches MT-1-60 torque (at least 1 per month) in order to identify and eliminate corrosion, etc.;
The device is designed in a rugged metal housing;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60 to the technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos MT-1-60

MT-1-60 device image.
MT-1-60 device image.
MT-1-60 front view.
MT-1-60 front view.
MT-1-60 side view.
MT-1-60 side view.
MT-1-60 rear view.
MT-1-60 rear view.

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