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Wrenches torque MT-1-60 (MT160, MT 1 60, MT-160, MT 160, MT1-60, MT1 60)
Wrenches torque MT-1-60 is normalized tightening, right-and-left, torque measurement, control torques.
The keys are used in conjunction with sockets or extension rods in the service station, at work, at home.
Wrenches MT-1-60 torque with dial dial gauge.
All keys series MT-1 entered into the State Register of SIT in Russia and Ukraine and are certified in Russia and Ukraine.Delivered with metrological verification Gosstandart (at buyer's request).
Technical characteristics of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60
Measuring range of the moment - 5Nm-60Nm;
Accuracy class of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60 - 4;
Scale value - 2.5 Nm (0.25 kgf · m);
The limit of the permissible error - ± 4%;
Size square drive torque wrenches unit MT-1-60 - 12.5mm;
Dimensions - 90h90h60mm;
Unit weight wrenches MT-1-60 Torque - 0.3 kg;
Ambient temperature - from -10 º C to +30 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 25 º C;

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, front view

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, front view
    Wrenches MT-1-60 torque, side view   

Wrenches MT-1-60 torque, side view

    Wrenches torque MT-1-60, back view

Wrenches torque MT-1-60, back view

Constructively designed as transmitter with diversity measurement part and square drive for easy access in places with difficult access (motor vehicle);
The large size of the scale of help tools wrenches torque MT-1-60 easy to read measured force;
Dimensions of square tool change is made according to international standards, which makes working with the nozzles and heads of any manufacturer;
The device key torque MT-1-60 Torque consists of elements:
- Torsion;
- Hole ratchet (handle);
- Square drive socket head;
- Thrust;
- Reading head;
- The scale reading head, closed plexiglass;
The operation principle is the torque wrenches MT-1-60 is proportional to the applied torsion twisting moment of force;
The arrow head indicates the reference scale is applied to the torque of fasteners;
Warranty period instrument wrenches MT-1-60 torque - 18 months;
- Torque wrenches MT-1-60 - 1 piece;
- Passport - 1 copy;
- Individual packaging (bag or case) - 1 piece;
How to work with the device wrenches torque MT-1-60
- Set on a square head or extension;
- Into the opening of the torsion arm (ratchet)
- Turn to tighten the fasteners;
- Tighten the fasteners to the required proof reading;
- Do not exceed the torque values ​​greater than the upper limit of measurement;
Keep instruments torque wrenches MT-1-60 is necessary in dry conditions, free of acid and alkali vapors;
Temperature during transportation should not be below -50 º C and above +50 º C;
The device key torque MT-1-60 torque can be transported in packed by any means of transport;
After transporting the device at low temperatures should be kept in normal conditions for at least 6 hours;
In cases of long-term storage it is recommended to inspect the unit wrenches MT-1-60 torque (at least 1 per month) in order to identify and eliminate corrosion, etc.;
The device is designed in a rugged metal housing;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument torque wrenches MT-1-60 to the technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos MT-1-60

MT-1-60 device image.
MT-1-60 device image.
MT-1-60 front view.
MT-1-60 front view.
MT-1-60 side view.
MT-1-60 side view.
MT-1-60 rear view.
MT-1-60 rear view.