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Transducer angle MP-9 Digital (MP9, MP 9)
Transducer angle MP-9 is designed to convert digital information of the angular position of the rotor shaft in a 9-bit binary Gray code electrical input to the digital computing device and the automatic management of objects and processes in robotic systems.
Information about the converters on all ranks is read in parallel.
For one turn fixed angle of 512.
Digital converter of the angle of MP-9 does not have sliding contacts.
Product Specifications converters angle MP-9 Digital:
The ambient air temperature of -60 ° C to +85 ° C;
The ambient air temperature during transportation to -60 ° C;
Relative humidity up to 98% at 35 ° C;
Vibration loads with a frequency of 1 Hz to 500 Hz and acceleration 98.1 m / s 2;
Power supply of MP-9 - 10V ± 0,3 V;
Current consumption - less than 20mA;
The range of angle measurement - 0 º ... 360 º;
Type conversion functions - linear;
Information capacity - 9bit;
Input signal level and polarity - 0.4 V / 0.1 V, negative;
Type of output code - Gray code with a parallel readout of code;
The frequency of rotation axis - no more 240ob/min.;
The reliability of the code as supplied - no less than 0.65;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 75mm;
- Diameter - 47mm;
Minimum time of MP-9 - 3000ch.The service life of 9 years.