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The simulator temperature MK3002 (MK 3002, MK-3002)
Technical characteristics of the instrument simulators temperature MK3002:
Simulators EXEMPLARY temperature (Pt100, Pt500, 50M, 100M).
Temperature of playback channels - 2.
Error of the instrument simulator temperature MK3002 - ± 0,005 ° C to 0 ° C ± 0,01 ° C for the remaining temperatures.
Stability, resistance to one year - ± 0,0005%.
Calibration of measurement device simulator temperature MK3002 temperature difference, starting with t = 1 ° C (up to 8 temperature points for each channel).
The device is switched to the 8 measures for each channel.

Photos MK3002

MK3002 the simulator image.
MK3002 the simulator image.