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MK-1250 (1050-1250) Micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250).

MK-1250 (1050-1250)

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Micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250) (MK1250, MK 1250)
Micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250) designed to measure the linear dimensions of the contact method in the small sizes up to 2mkm, the process converts the mechanism - mikropara, consisting of screw and nut.
Micrometers, calipers, along with, belong to the most frequently used manual measuring tools. With precision-polished lead screw, with the measuring surfaces, equipped with hard metal, and heavy construction in the form of staples, modern appliances micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250) provide a high degree of precision and durability.
Technical characteristics of the instrument mics MK-1250:
Accuracy class - 1;
Measurement range of the instrument micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250) - 1050mm 1250mm-;
The graduation - 0.01 mm;
Working instrument mic MK-1250 (1050-1250) when you move the screw along its axis during its rotation in a fixed nut.Moving is proportional to the angle of rotation of the screw about its axis.At the micrometer scale is at full speed that counts, and counts the proportion of traffic on a circular scale, which is marked on the drum.
The best option is to move the screw nut is not longer than 25 mm, as difficult to make accurate pitch screw with the greater length.To do this, devices are made ​​a few species, which are different sizes to measure lengths.In measuring micrometers in dense planes of the heel and a micrometer screw, with the limits of measurement from 0 mm to 25 mm bar zero scale drum must necessarily coincide with the longitudinal lines on the stem.A beveled edge drum shall coincide with the zero stroke scale of the stem. If the length is greater than 25 mm to measure the use of devices with interchangeable heels;
Especially for the removal of such parameters of displacement, as its length, is head of the unit micrometer MK-1250 (1050-1250) of a micrometer-type MG, which has a scale on the stem and the drum, which is produced and counting.To reduce wear and tear from constant friction measuring surface is made of hard metal (aluminum oxide). Model measuring relatively micrometer head is used to equip the MG stands test measurements and other devices as reading device.Corresponds to the second class of accuracy with a scale of one-hundredth of a millimeter and a limit to 25mm;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument micrometer MK-1250 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.